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By suziq
Some one just asked me what pouring cream is called I guess for finding it the shops, Ok I know cream is nata, but I just put pouring cream into google & it gave me.
Verter la crema. That looks like the action of pouring the cream not the product !
I have no idea I just look at the packets & pick the one that looks right :lol: , It usually is.
Any ideas...
By Info
Nata para batir - whipping cream
or just Nata Liquida

I mostly only see the stuff in a can that you spray - ugh!

By Menina
Pouring cream is "nata líquida", but you should read the labels as many of the "natas" sold contain gelatine in order to help to make whipped cream.
"Verter la crema" means to pour the cream (I suspect that it must be part of a Latin-American cooking recipe as in Spain we would say "Verter la nata" and Latin-Americans call it "crema". "Crema" in Spanish is the thick egg custard that you fill pastries with...
If you want plain cream, it would be difficult to find. The label should state "Nata pura sin aditivos". For desserts, I try to use "crème fraîche" (in French) from the Président brand. I guess that Carrefour (being French) should have it.
Sorry, it is a bit complicated... good old and traditional ingredients without additives seem to have disappeared.
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By liverbird
just look for cream that is 18 % fat as opposed to 35%, the carrefour sells small cartons for around 40 cents. although both will pour, the 35% wont split in cooking.
By Mike E
We use Nata Líquida (35.1%) M.G. for coffee (NATA Montar from ASTURIANA) (CONSUM/SuperValu) and the occasional 'peaches-n-cream' style dessert. Believe that is the equiv of 'single cream' - but not sure what 'double cream' would be?
By Menina
I like the "Crème Fraîche" from Président that you sometimes find. It is the French style cream, a bit acidic, but adding sugar it is delicious. Great with strawberries.
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