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By Karen Jones
Do the price of flights really go up the more times you go to their site?
By chrisz
Could use 'incognito browsing'. In Chrome go to the three dots at the top left of your screen, click on them and choose 'new incognito window'. A new window will open and when you've finished just close the window. Cookies will automatically be deleted.
By Lincoln45
Use CCleaner

Video on how to download and use it

Its been updated since this video. When you open the program click on ' Easy Clean' then on 'Analyse'. The program will then run and show how muck junk you have. Then click on 'Clean' It will then remove the cookies and any temporary files.
By Jimbo1916
It also deletes any log on details as well so of you visit a site you have to provide them again .. If you can remember them.
This is a better way to do it without installing software on your computer that you don`t really need.
CC Cleaner can also cause a lot of damage if you don`t know what you are doing ! ... ktop&hl=en
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