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By Kinchy
Yesterday a young boy believed to be Irish and 3 years old was rescued from a Communal pool. Sadly the young mite has passed away despite Torrevieja hospital,s best efforts and those from the emergency paramedics.

It goes to show very sadly that kids without adult supervision can be in extreme danger when in a Communal pool. The incident was at Aquamarina in Cabo Roig.

Wherever the family are from my condolences to them at such a tragic loss, and let this be a lesson to those parents that seem to leave their common sense at the departure airport.
By Karen Jones
Tragic. I remember many years ago, my husband fishing a toddler out of the sea. Water is so dangerous. Stay safe people
By Info
It is so sad. It only takes a couple of minutes to happen. One minute they are there and you take your eye off them and the next minute they are gone. Are all communal pools not fenced in? Ours has a very high fence on top of a wall and you have to have a key to get in. Having said that one of my grandchildren when he was about 3 ran down before me as we were going to the pool. When I got to the pool gate there he was inside peering into the big pool. Another older child from the complex who was going into the pool let him in. So no matter how much security the unexpected can still happen.

By Jimbo1916
No Bee .. Not all communal are fenced in.

Ours isn`t ... but we do have CCTV which is monitored by me and there are several signs stating that all children under the age of ten must be accompanied by an adult when in the swimming pool area.

But as you say the unexpected can still happen and according to the EWN ...

`Irish press have reported the indecent as an “accidental death” however according to the Spanish Press Agency EFE, the reasons for his death are now subject to a police enquiry, having been reported to the court de guardia de Orihuela for further investigation`.

So a case of negligence maybe. :(
By Info
It might be John but I presume it is normal in cases like this to rule out foul play. It must add greatly to the parents grief to be faced with criminal proceedings on top of the heartache of losing a child. You would think for insurance purposes that the pool would have to be within a secure fenced area. Having said that most drownings seem to happen in private villa pools. I think I would be a basket case of nerves if there was an open pool where small children had open access. Its a recipe for disaster.

By Jimbo1916
Along with our urbanisation, I know of six others that were built by the same builder that have open plan swimming pools.
And quite frankly I can`t see how ours could be fenced off anyway.
By Beardyboy
There isn’t a fence around our pools either. For a few years, there was a life guard paid to sit all day everyday during the summer months. This year, he wasn’t there.
In Tenerife, my sister has an apartment there. Several years ago, they had to put a fence all around the pool area and a lovely glass panelled wall was erected with a door leading onto the area where the steps are. That’s around the time we started using a life guard. I have no idea why we weren’t obliged to install a safety wall and as I said, there weren’t any safety precautions taken this summer. Now that I think about it, a pool should be made totally inaccessible to all children throughout the year in order to prevent a child falling in.
I cannot imagine the hell that the little boy’s family are going through and I send my deepest sympathy to them. Such utter heartbreak.
I agree with you Bee, children are nigh impossible to watch 24/7. They are faster than we are!

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