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By Beardyboy
Since the torrential rains over Easter, we simply cannot get a signal on our sky box for BBC1 or BBC2. We have another tv upstairs which is fed from it’s own box ( not sky), BBC1 comes in badly pixelated but at least we are picking it up.
The sky box says NO SIGNAL for the two bbc channels.
Can someone suggest what is wrong and who could fix it for us.
We have gone through the menu and tried all the BBC’s from different regions but still get nothing.
Thanks everyone.
By tonygold
Beardyboy wrote:
Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:18 am
Thank Freddo,
I have arranged for them to come out to sort the problem.
hi beardyboy
did you get you tv sorted and would you mind sharing how much it cost as we have a similar issue to you.
many thanks.

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