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By vincemulvey
hi all
can anyone recommend a tv installer that will fit English tv. Ive spent fortunes over the years with various so called tv experts. I only come to spain for holidays so I don't want to spend too much on it. I have a sky box with a 1.4 dish already. I ve turned up yesterday and the only channel I get is sky news. The wifes missed the dancing on ice and im in trouble lol
thanks in advance for any suggestions
By Info
Try Paul or TVTechnology who posts on here . If you have sky news there can't be too much wrong with the system. Did you try a reboot to wake it up. Bee
By vincemulvey
hi bee
yes ive tried rebooting.turning it off,and on
im afraid I need someone who knows what there doing.
I will give the people a ring tomorrow from the advice on here
By kenbowns
When you say that you have rebooted it, is that just switched it on and off ?
You probably need to retune it, its very easy from the tv menu.
Sorry if you have already done this.
By tommyhoran
If you have a sky box in the UK or Ireland you can bring your sky card to Spain and use it there.
Very simple to pair the card with a different box. What ever channnels you have in the UK or Ireland you can have in Spain, Europe or you neighbours house next door.
Its all done through your My Sky app on your mobile phone and your dish should be at least 1.2 mts.
Buy your Sky package in the UK or Ireland and bring your card to Spain.
I have heard lots of sad stories about people been caught buying "British" tv.
By vincemulvey
hello Bee
yes I did. ( well I think so only time will tell lol ) I called t v technology and the lady was very helpful but as I only come on holiday the monthly fees for me wasn't worth it.
anyway I used a guy called harrys net box ( who came recommended by a pal ) he has a web site and I bought a box the size of a cigarette packet off him for 199.00 which I can use in uk too. anyway all seem fine and working a treat .The wifes happy so quieter life for me lol
thank you all for helping me
p.s if you have bad review of what ive done don't tell me lol
By TVTechnology
I've just seen this - must have spoken to Sue, as I don't answer the phones anymore.

Ideally, if you are a holiday maker and want stable solution, without subscription, then a satellite dish, will give you best quality for FTA.

For premium type content, subscription based IPTV is the way to go - but may not be suitable for all holiday makers, or those using for shorter periods. Though with all of these type of services can be used UK, Spain, anywhere. Kodi/sub free options tend to be unstable, so if a good hosted service then should be ok, if using the Kodi apps, then good luck, as you'll need some patience.

By Info
Thanks for update Vince. Was your sky dish/box problem not fixable. I would think once you have the Sky dish and a sky box in Spain that Tommy Horan's suggestion of just bringing the card and marrying it to your Spanish box for the duration of your stay would have been the better less costly solution. Anyway you are sorted for now. Bee
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