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By Alf Tupper
Hi folks,
When I come over to Spain I watch virgin TV via the app on my tablet. Is it possible to link my tablet to the TV so that I have a bigger screen?
By TVTechnology
Some tablets have a mini HDMI output which you use a mini to full HDMI lead to plug straight into the TV - however a lot of tablets don't have this option.

Does the Virgin app allow you to cast straight to the TV? For example on my ipad and a modern Samsung smart TV, on apps such as Netflix or Youtube, there is a 'cast' button which jumps the picture straight to the TV, no cables (or other extras needed, such as the chromecast).

However a lot of apps for content & licensing reasons to not have this option deliberately - so will depend on the application being used also sometimes. If you have an HDMI output on the tablet and 'screen mirror' then this can help bypass this type of issue.

As freddo says, chromecast also looks like a possibility.
By Alf Tupper
Thank for the replies. Just checked on virgin site and Chromecast is not compatible and tablet doesn't have hdmi so looks like I'm stuck with watching on my tablet.
By Maley
Have a look at the Apple lightning digital av adapter. Use that on mine.
Purchased mine from Argos not the cheapest at £49 but works well.
You can buy cheaper ones but they get bad reviews.
It also comes with a port to keep your I pad charged.
The only other thing you require is a hdmi lead.
Happy viewing.
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By Sheff_Blade
Alf (and others who post similar questions on here), you need to provide more information to give people a chance responding to such questions.

What tablet have you got? What TV have you got? What are you trying to display on your TV (iPlayer, Now TV, Live NetTV)? Where does Virgin come in to this?
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