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By Kinchy
I would take issue with the statement that we have done very well in the EU. If we have it has been at an estimated cost of over £450billion. As far as continued membership of the single market is concerned figures from the Office of National Statistics on trade give a UK goods (mainly manufacturers) trade deficit with the EU of £95.6billion having grown remorselessly from £5billion in 1993, the year the single market was introduced. Over the same period of 24 years the US grew it’s goods exports to the EU by over 40%, in constant dollar real price terms, without any special access, just paying the tariffs on it’s goods while conforming to EU standards. In the same period, the UK with all the supposed benefits of single market access, increased it’s goods exports by a tiny 5% on the same constant dollar terms.

Hello peeps Hard drive renewed and now running at warp factor 10 lol.
the post above is absolutely correct and the remainiacs that say that the UK will be a barren desolate place unless we remain under the control of the EUSSR are so totally wrong!!!!
We are now at the phase in these so called "negotiations" with the EU Mafia where this nation MUST walk away and say to Varooka, Tusk Drunker, Verhoffunny hair cut, Well if you want to trade with us in the UK give us a call and we can meet in London and listen to YOUR proposals - we might even be generous enough to pay for your Ryanair flight - but not your baggage!! Or get the owners of Merc, VW, Peugeot, Renault Dacia, Seat, Wine Cheese etc makers across your Utopian Empire to foot the flight costs. Macron might get a "Out of Burning Paris super discount"
By Kinchy
What n absolute load of cut and pasted baloney. Drunker called May nebulous and this tripe is as nebulous as it can get,
Without commenting further, it needs some research to counter this load of trash.

Back again soon :D
freddo wrote:
Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:45 am
I've seen this several times on Facebook. One item always stands out, and despite asking the question several times of the poster, I still haven't had an answer.

The fifth bullet point says that the EU will help me with tax avoidance. Can anyone give me more details as I'm very keen to receive any help I can get.

Thinking again, I'm lying. One person did advise me to consider the Canary Islands until I pointed out that, strictly speaking they aren't in the EU!
What has the EU ever done for us?

The real irony of this posting is that it is meant as a parody of Monty Python's Life of Brian. The main point of the Python joke was that despite the Romans murdering, torturing, raping and pillaging the Jewish nation, the Romans gave them aqueducts and roads in return.

The imperialist EU is not quite as bad as the Romans, but the response is still the same: big deal! Many items listed are dubious (lower prices in shops, help with tax avoidance), many are very debatable ( 3 million jobs, peace in Europe etc) and the rest could easily have been achieved (or even bettered) without the EU (food standards, working hours, funding regions etc).
By Kinchy
Lets have a look at the cut and paste benefits of the EU
1 Over 40 years of peace
What utter nonsensical claptrap! Europe has been protected by NATO, and remember France and Germany do not even fulfil their financial obligations for this protection.
2 A home market of over 500 million customers.
·80 billion trading deficit with the EU but the UK has a trading surplus with trade from outside the EU. Only 8% of British businesses trade with the EU with 92% doing their business outside of the EU. It is the restrictive protectionist practices and miles of EU red tape that is preventing even more trade between the UK and the outside world.
3 Cheaper flights and compensation
So the EU were behind the entrepreneurship of O'Leary and the other no frills airlines?
A market niche was recognised and exploited by those airlines and had bugger all to do with the EU.
4 Help with TAX avoidance.
Well that is the most inane line I have read in a long time.
5 Maternity and Paternity Leave
REALLY!!! Germany brought in maternity leave in the Mutterschutzgesetz in 1968, yes 1968! There is NO paternity leave in German statutes. France has a diabolicly low paternity and maternity leave with 11 days for one child paternity and 6 weeks before birth and 8 weeks after for maternity. The UK has amongst the best of both, but that is not down to EU rules!
6 Stronger voice in the world
Nebulous irrelevant rubbish statement.
7 Consumer protection
Can you elaborate on this please, or are you referring to the Sale of Goods Act 1974!
8 Investments in art and culture
Again nebulous, or does it refer to the UK being given some of it's money back but being told where to spend it?
9 Cleaner air
What a ludicrous claim! The UK was bringing in Clean air acts as far back as the 1950's
10 Paid holiday leave
Oh, so prior to 1973 the UK workers had to take holidays without pay? What nonsense.
11 Cheaper mobile calls and roaming
Agreed, a small benefit for all the tourists in their fortnightly visits to Spain using their benevolently given by the EU paid holiday leave! :D
12 Visa free travel across Europe
I was travelling across Europe before 1973 and the only document I had to show was my passport at each border and that even included the then communit state of Yugo slavia. This is another non entity so called benefit.
13 The right to work in the EU
My comment above applies in exactly the same way. Having worked in France and Germany.
14 Funding for UK regions
My comment is exactly the same as item No 8
15 Opportunities for younger people future leaders
Again utterly nebulous claptrap with no proof whatsoever.
16 Funding for start ups
UK gov has always been keen to encourage entreprenourship and to state that start up businesses rely solely on EU funding is rubbish.
17 44% of UK exports
See point No 2
18 Safer food standards
So, please elaborate on how the EU made UK food standards better.
19 3 million jobs
3 million for whom? EU migrants or UK indigenous? Yet another unfounded nebulous claim.
20 Lower prices in shops
Is it not strange that this old piece of claptrap appears from every remainers lips.
Look around your local UK Aldi, Lidl,Tesco, Morrisons etc and see where many of the fuits vegetables and other goods come from across the world. The EU impose tariifs ( often punitive) for non EU produced goods in line with its protectionist mantra.
21 Worlds strongest animal welfare rights
Further back up please .
22 Single market with no export charges or red tape.
I think the writer of this nonsense should check the GOV.UK web sites Intrastat comes to mind, and having been in international trade for many years, methinks some research is needed.
23 Product safety standards 24 Standards in the workplace 25 Europe wide patent and copyright protection.
Vast nebulous statements with absolutely nothing to back them up. Typical remainer philosophy.
26 Co operation on counter terrorism intelligence.
It is accepted across the world that the Uk has some of the most sophisticated and effective systems and the countries that benefit most are those in the USA and Europe.
But, now the petulant EU want to exclude the UK from Gallileo, despite having paid a huge amount towards it and allowing it to be sited on Crown Territories. So this claim as a benefit is inane.

The rest of the drivel on this cut and pasted document is, to use the word yet again, nebulous drivel shows the weak arguments that Project Fear proliferate.
Have a nice Chrimbo - even the Remainiacs :)
By Kinchy
Just a few comments from our "dear friends" in the EUSSR

GERMAN industry leaders have warned of the “drastic consequences’ of a no-deal Brexit and continuing damage caused by Theresa May’s attempts to re-negotiate her Withdrawal Agreement – claiming £89billion worth of trade between the two nations would be lost. (17/12/2018) Most losses would be incurred by German exporters.

AND a quote from Jean Monnet, a leading founder of the "Common Market"
“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”
Any more cut n pastes freddo? :shock:
By Ketron
What a great , interesting thread to read.
Sorry Freddo ... I think you're a lovely fella , but on this topic , (unfortunately ) - you've been "gubbed" ! :lol:
Not one soul coming to your rescue :)
I would have willingly come to your rescue ... But i'm a leaver - not a remainer . :D
Plenty of people not willing to abide by democracy, airtime is mainly given to them day and night. If you want to stay or leave the vote should not be discarded. Second vote should not be an option and the implode that they all promised has not happened. The EU want the £39bn and to sell their cars here. France, they are in enough trouble already without stopping their exports, adding more misery to their woes. If and when we hand over £39bn they will still stitch us up with a poor trade deal. May is not strong enough, easy to state no deal is better than a bad deal but no point in saying that if you are not going to have the backbone to see it through.
By Kinchy
Absolutely agree! But what about the 5 million who signed the petition especially all those in N Korea, China,Russia, France etc etc etc.
A bigger load of false c**p would be hard to find anywhere.
Also what about the so called 1 million on the march. Left wing commies and south living luvvies who think their bubble is the real UK!
Kinchy wrote:
Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:48 pm
Absolutely agree! But what about the 5 million who signed the petition especially all those in N Korea, China,Russia, France etc etc etc.
A bigger load of false c**p would be hard to find anywhere.
Also what about the so called 1 million on the march. Left wing commies and south living luvvies who think their bubble is the real UK!

Hey, don't knock the petition! I've signed it five times already!
By Kinchy
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Just as long as you do not emulate Hugh Grant with a certain lady called Devine Brown in the back of an American taxi for some oral "fun"
And this is the quality of so called "celebs" who prattle on about signing the petition :shock:

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