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By Info
Its Los Altos. I think someone told me it was around Calle Escorpiones . You can see the hospital in Los Balcones in the distance. Bee
By Info
No not visible in new view but the salt pyramid is. They change the views slightly every so often. I see today that the La Mata beach cam is back on the site again. Bee
By stowie39
Its the last undeveloped parcel of land at the top of Calle Escorpiones. Its been a dog toilet and fly tipping area for years. I'd much rather see these. Not sure if it will be the new white boxes, as it does include the abandoned show house that was called locally the Battenberg houses.
By stowie39
Do you have a link for the web cam? I searched for the name on the jpg but only came up with Scandinavian tv providers.
By Info
They are the cams from the site you will see the link for the webcams under the temperatures on the right-hand side of the opening page. Its a site run by people from Torrevieja dedicated to the weather, sea temp, wind speed etc in Torrevieja. They call it Project Mastral. Bee
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