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By coolkid
I see all over facebook tony firth has sold his auction house and is asking people to either collect thier goods or come for payment for anything he has sold for you

I would advise getting there pretty sharpish if you are owed anything, i woul rather be at the front of the queue than the back haha

Any uncolleceted goods or money will be donated to 'charity'
I think (hope) this is incorrect information. We have been there this week and the only difference is that Tony is now selling direct (sold as seen). The hassle of an auction was too much for the dwindling few who were turning up, mostly gawpers. It's the last of a trend; auctions were once very popular. Tony now just adds the VAT and 10% commission on all goods sold, which is very successful. We bought a massive fridge at a bargain price. Yes, you guessed it. The fridge is known as.......................

............... The Firth Fridge.
By cameron
I was told the police have stopped him trading. First of all a query with the paperwork which he proved he had then they said the square metres didn’t match up. If it is true I think it is disgusting.
By coolkid
75k was the original asking price
He then advertised it for 20k and peter shaw (house of furniture benijofar) who used to be the van driver for tony, snapped it up to open as a second store.
And yes Tony is now going to work for him as a salesman

Shame really, run properly it should have been a great auction, in such a good location. Lumsden is the only surviving auction house now, where there was once the three.
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