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By Rone
Can anyone please help. I need a replacement arched wooden shutter. Guess it will have to be tailor made as non of the DIY shops sell arched shutters. I know I could get aluminium but it would not match my other shutters which are square and in good condition.
By Adey
Very sorry I couldn't give you any help regarding your windows.

But surely you have to see the funny side of the title of your post.
By Info
Indeed Chas and it is good to see you back posting. I hope Germany is to your liking. To Rone you can edit your post to correct your typo and then we won't be wondering who the wooden window shitters are. Very painful I would have thought.😊 sorry can't help with recommendations for replacement shutter. Bee
By jimny1
Reminds me of something we used to chant as children "shut up the shutters and sit in the shop ", if you say it fast enough you get a completely different meaning

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