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By Rodtoms
I’ve got a 1.45 dish
Today we have no tv channels showing as it is all pixelated except sky news.
This is the same as yesterday.
It’s not alignment as I’ve paid for the priverlage 3 times over the past 3 years.
Is anyone else having signal problems ?
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By Rodtoms
Each time they came to check out the aliment,there was no problems except they did mention possible illegal broadcasts from the mast at via park 3 which was interfering with the satellite signals.
As soon as the sun goes down my picture is OK again.
By satandpcguy
There are over 200 free uk tv channels on the UK TV satellites, so hard to belive that Sky News is the only one affected.
But pixelation and loss of signal on channels can be down to a number of issues:
Dish size wrong for the location
Dish alignment ( a few millimeters out can cause pixelation of channels)
Things growing in front of the dish
Dish is warped so not reflecting correctly
LNB (failing or just crap make)
LNB alignment
poor cabling or connections (cracked cabling allows water in)
poor receiver
and yes, outside interference, but those would usually only affect a few frequencies, not all frequencies.
By Outsider
We have a 1.45 metre dish in the Murcia region. Throughout July & August, we have a lot of problems with pixelation until 8 to 9 pm, then signals are fine, we believe it is due to heat haze affecting the signals. We use IPTV as an alternative via an Android box.
By TVTechnology
The LNB might be getting a little hot, but there are no general problems.

1.4 offset/oval ? -Rod Toms - shouldn't need realignment with this weather, perhaps LNB failure - or if prime focus dish (dish is round not oval, with feedhorn) check the feedhorn where it connects to LNB to make sure there are no insect infestations.

Of course it could be interference - but would have to be really bad if that was the case as to get only Sky news - I think possible, but unlikely/not usually this bad.

Outsider - 1.45 should be fine, either your dish is not fully aligned or LNB not performing as well - it could also be (insects/debris above) - we have quite a few 1.45's in the Murcia region installed over the years - your July/August issue, is not a usual one. Only time you should really have issues is during highwind/wet/bad storm weather. We have test 1.35/1.45/1.9 all ok, year after year July / August.
By Outsider
Thanks for the info TVtech, in your experience, why would you think the tv picture is perfect at night, but pixulates in the day from mid day to 8 in the evening. If it was misaligned or insects in lnb, wouldn't it permanently pixulate.
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