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By gardner8
Does anyone know if it would be better value to buy a gold necklace here or in the uk or are there reasons other than financial that should influence the purchase ? Tia
By freddo
If I was buying a gold necklace I would be looking at the secondhand market much better value I would never buy new gold
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By cyclemad
For comparison try both Amazon UK and Amazon ES, they should have similar or even the same products. There are some excellent fair priced jewellers in Torrevieja, including some that advertise that they buy gold and have some used gold items for sale.
By gardner8
Thanks all, so far I have been told that Spanish gold is softer ie 14 or 18 crt and it is not assayed(hall marked), I do not know what difference this makes. Fred, this is a prezzy for a teenager, can't buy second hand but if I was buying for myself I agree.
Consensus so far is buy in uk. :?
By mrmedia
I’m saying it’s hard enough for jewellers to have stock in a fortified shop. It must be a nightmare having a market stall with gold on vis a vis security.

Mrs M bought 18k gold earrings from a discount Spanish jewellers in Elchè last week and was v pleased with the price. Super Hyper Oro, Carrer de la Diagonal, 14, 03206 Elx. Being American, she doesn’t like the 9k gold stuff so was happy to be able to get 18k.
By soapydave
I had a friend who was a jeweller, always knocked me a good 40% off ticket price and he was still making a profit, always ask for discount in a uk jewelers , if they want the sale you will get something off the price ,keep away from H Samuel type stores,
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