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By soapydave
Do you think unions and memberships are on the decline, I know they looked after the workers and shirkers in the past.
But with all these solicitors dealing and specializing in workers rights, unfair dismissal, bullying at work ,contract and business laws,employment laws,on a no win no fee basis,
is worth workers paying there hard earned into a union every month.
when they could contact one of these for a free.
By Armani
I think you are behind the times mate, legislation and access to free legal aid has changed in favour of employers.
By soapydave
wasnt meaning legal aid, the solicitors that act on a no win no fee basis as many do in non fault accidents etc,
By Mr Jones
I fail to see what ambulance chasing lawyers has to do with union membership.

The right to fight and defend has been bread out of the young ones, just look at the england match last night. It’s no surprise that people working 20 odd hours a week are not joining a union.
By soapydave
you must,nt of read my post clearly, I ask why should people pay union dues to defend there working rights, when theres solicitors out there that will do it on a no win no fee basis, what does a union actually do for todays workers,
and what as the football match last night got to do with unions ? :? :? :?
By Mr Jones
I have read your post dave, I thought that when you got sacked because you look a bit shifty or you won’t let the boss grab your behind that it was just tough luck, I didn’t know a lawyer and a solicitor would work for free on the hope you could prove this claim and be reinstated. As for the football the lads didn’t know how to defend or attack, years of Tory rule will do that, they obviously don’t know how to strike.
By soapydave
Ah! see what you did there Kev ,strike play on words ,very good but true! :lol: :lol:
By Jimbo1916
Yes when you haven`t the brains to cobble together a sensible comment .. just blame the Tories ... Kev.. :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Ketron
Kevin Nelson - Jones doesn't have the slightest grasp of reality ...and sadly , he never will .
By soapydave
Kevin Nelson Jones , sounds like some toffs double barrel name :lol: tory or labour, :lol:
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