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By Ketron
They are "Suckers Personified" Jimbo .

I'm starting to think that the remoaners on here have the same I.Q. rating as a "Mature Cucumber" ! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Mr Jones
Your little gang of Tory tools bullied Kev Tyler off this forum, unfortunately you won’t do the same with me. I would be happy if taxi tout and accordion man ignored me though because boredom is as bad as bullying. Sheffield, when you vote in a general election you get the chance a few years later to remove the party, the new party can rip up anything the last lot brought in, it’s mental to compare an election with a once in a lifetime vote like this.

Yes rspltd makes a good point again, it’s a shame that all you chaps can do is back slap him. Why is this always the MO on here? I agree that even the burger flippers will understand that being dictated to is wrong, but they might feel that change is best implemented from inside a club rather than from outside.

Brexit is far more complicated than many of us ever realised, it’s a shame that a few of you can’t admit to that. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Brexit is a simple process, and the last two years has produced nothing because the tories are doing what they do best?
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By Burrababa
Brexit--A bridge too far for Remoaners :wink:

Wringing their hands as they can't understand the issues and make decisions

That is why JC will always be a leader of the opposition and never inn Government
He is just like Tony Benn and Hilary Benn- always seeing problems but never solutions

They are all career politicians and not leaders in the inspiring and innovative way that leaders need to be---and all who follow can hardly blame burger flippers for the state of the nation

As rspldt says --you guys need to start asking yourself some self searching questions instead of pointing fingers as Brexiteers
By Mr Jones
Burrababa wrote:
Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:13 am
Brexit--A bridge too far for Remoaners :wink:

Wringing their hands as they can't understand the issues and make decisions

That is why JC will always be a leader of the opposition and never inn Government
There is only question we need to ask, what is the final deal, someone on here said they knew what Brexit was 2 years ago, come on chaps time to spill the beans, tell us and tell europe.

Jimbo wants to know do you mean in or inn
By Burrababa
The extra "n" is for Nellie :D

Remoaners on here are like their "leaders" in permanent opposition and permanent denial

Jonesy--tell us--what is it about Brexit that you are afraid of??? :D
By Mr Jones
I’m not afraid of anything, I’m in the final chapter of my life. My kids will be fine as they are all home owners and are mortgage free, however they still have to work and I worry for them and the not so fortunate if jobs and wages are affected by a poor deal or a no deal situation.
Wringing their hands as they can't understand the issues and make decisions
Do you mean the stay go decision 2 years ago or the decision on the final deal that many of our peers don’t want us to have ?

Right chaps, I’m off to the pub to watch the match, talk later
By TVTechnology
I believe this will have a lasting financial impact on the UK & will take far more time to sort than anyone ever envisaged.

In the interim, the UK will lose momentum & growth (continuing uncertainty is the case presently) whilst other EU member states buddy up and find the EU is in a good position to negotiate with the strength of 27 countries - against the UK's 1. Reliance of importing services/items we do not manufacture- so many topics on the table to factor in, this is not something the average person can even get their head around.

An over-reliance on a financial sector, huge level of personal debt and low level of manufacturing compared to other countries, add this in combination with expensive local labour rates = trouble on the horizon as other EU countries will simply be able to compete potentially more economically.

A few BS internal problems need fixing - Always, same with local politics. People seem to have mixed up with local political and race issues, whip in bit of social media filtered hate news and bingo, you have a badly thought out revolution, where the majority of voters are the 'dads army' generation and will not feel the impact - which seems to be backfiring on existing business and employment.

We need to do the opposite of the likes of Trump, not separation, where resentment will build, but together. Whatever happened to 'united we stand, divided we fall'?

I would suggest that the answer would be all EU countries air their existing grievances - including the borders & they simply update things, idealistic perhaps (yes), but with rumbles already going on within the EU this is happening, it is a shame it's taken the Brexit to start the ball rolling.
By Burrababa
TVT--- :lol: :lol: :lol:

You are obviously a member of the KISS method of management----

Next you will be solving the Scottish Independence threats :wink: :wink:

Jonesy --did you really say this :?:
Do you mean the stay go decision 2 years ago or the decision on the final deal that many of our peers don’t want us to have ?
For somebody who is always quoting the guy who wrote Article 50-----you seem to have missed the bit where it says there is a mandatory 2 year leaving process-------

that is why we leave March 2019--you can't make this up :wink:

Now I realize why you did not understand the Brexit referendum question nor why you still fail to realize that Brexit means Brexit :D
By Mr Jones
March 2019

What deal will we have, you say you know what you voted for I said I didn’t understand what wto would mean. Come on brabba, spill the beans or wait for kinchy to help you out.

Here’s an easy question, If the tax on uk products increases post Brexit, will wages and conditions stay the same, will the employers absorb the loss if there is one or will any losses be made up out of the red bus money. If wto means our products are more in demand and can demand a premium, will the workers get a pay rise.
By Burrababa
The EU are petrified of Brexit

If the UK makes Brexit succeed with a low tax low tariff trade deals

The EU will be stuffed-----they are just running scared and trying to use their muscle to scare the UK into submission

Whatever happens come March 2019 and we will be out one way or another--and guess what --they are going to miss our money --and when a net contributor as large as us leaves-----they will be squabbling among themselves as how to make up the shortfall--

Pete Evans will be happy as the pound will rise and the Euro will fall

and Jonesy my friend --you will never look a gift horse in the mouth again :D
By Burrababa
This will pan out as expected----we will Brexit
How difficult is that to understand :roll:

You still have not answered what it is that you fear when we Brexit :wink:

Will the hole in the Ozone layer re-locate over the UK ?? :D
Will Brits in Spain be forced to learn Spanish :D

I think your biggest fear is that England will trounce Wales in Rugby--every time !!! :D -----you Welsh are so predictable :wink:
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