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Try opening a free non-resident account in UK if you aren't from there. Virtually impossible. Even if you find one of the few bank accounts that do it you must have a regular income or savings with them and be able to show a UK tax ID number.

Residents in Spain generally get free banking. Bankia, for example, doesn't charge me for anything as long as I put in 200 euro a month. A non resident that just puts a couple of hundred euros in which is then used to pay for their bills are hardly going to be worthwhile for a bank in any country.

After all, they aren't charities.
By kingy0
To be fair I pay for my UK account, its more expensive than €72 per annum I pay in Spain. But I get double the benefits back in free travel insurance etc. That said my UK bank has a lot do do maintaining the DDs etc there is more movement in one month than annually in Spain. I know it probably sounding like a moan but, what I am saying that in 15 years I have usually managed to get free banking but, the goal posts always seem to move. The other thing is banks use our money as capital, so they get the interest and benefits. So if a company like Transferwise sets up an account which creates debate and competition that is good.
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