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By jimny1
You are right to be cynical N as ryanair only change things to increase their profits so this could be the case here, knowing they could sell more onboard
If these idiots want to get drunk they dont need to buy drinks at the airport, they would drink the night before and get tanked up again on the plane
The answer as i have said before is to breathalyse them before boarding and dont let anyone over a certain limit onboard , this might just make them think before flying , although the lack of brain cells could be a problem
By Info
Surely they can stop people at the boarding gate if they are drunk and not let them board the aircraft.

By Beardyboy
Having travelled on a ghastly Hen / Stag filled flight last year , I can honestly say that NOBODY should ever be allowed to board an aircraft when they are drunk and alcohol should NOT be sold to anyone who seems to have had enough. We were seated in the exit seats, directly behind us were 3 girls who were so drunk having consumed most of their own wine brought onboard with them. Should we have needed to evacuate the plane, there is absolutely NO WAY that they could have dealt with the door opening.
Things will change on flights as more and more unfortunate incidents occur onboard. Alcohol should not be sold at 6am to anyone. I have watched people downing pints before going onboard and it is appalling . Normally, flights are completely uneventful but should something happen during the journey, can you imagine the chaos if passengers were incapable of helping themselves and others? Alcohol is fine in the right situation but flying in an aeroplane is not the right place to drink yourself into oblivion or indeed in the airport before a trip. Passengers should make their voices heard by objecting to antisocial behaviour ...bad language, shouting, singing, being abusive to others is not on anywhere and definitely not while travelling in the air. Ryanair is actually being responsible and taking the sober passengers into consideration. Many of us enjoy a glass or two while flying and that is fine...anymore...madness. What would you do if things got out of control on a flight you were on? Think about it, a few air hostesses and Stewarts could find it difficult to handle people who were out of control ...none of us want this. We all enjoy our pre booked cheap flights and look forward to going somewhere special in a calm and peaceful way. Say “No” to alcohol abuse....LOUDLY.
By Deb64
I have just returned on an 11.00am flight out of Newcastle and while in the room of the departure gate there was a group of young men/boys who where clearly drunk and loud.
My sons friend who wasn't able to get a seat by us was sitting along side of these lads and where constantly pressing the buzzer for more drink. They did get a warning but shouldn't have been sold drink on the flight as they had clearly had enough in the airport.
I for one wouldn't pay the prices they charge and it would help to make for a more pleasant flight if they banned booze on all flights.
By Kinchy
I for one wouldn't pay the prices they charge and it would help to make for a more pleasant flight if they banned booze on all flights.

100% agree with that. 5 euros for a 50cents can of lager :oops:
If someone cannot manage for 2hours or so without booze then they have a serious problem, and anyone appearing drunk before boarding should be refused boarding. It really is quite simple, but as usual money and profit dictate what happens
By Jimbo1916
They banned smoking so why not booze.

Both are equally obnoxious. You either get a lungful of someone elses`smoke that`s already been down to their tar infested lungs .. or the abuse and obscene language from a beer sodden Scouse p*sshead and his gormless mates... :roll:

Give me the fags any day. :D
By jimny1
They should give the drunken morons a parachute and kick them out at 10.000 feet
Mind you , even if they land on their heads without deploying the chute it wouldnt affect them, theres nothing there in the first place
By Beardyboy
Did anyone see the programme this morning about drunks ruining holidays and flights for everyone else? BBC, hosted by Angela Rippon, Gloria Honeyford and Julia Summerfield. Young guys drunk and totally out of control at a hotel swimming pool in Tenerife. Being sick into the pool....beyond belief. What sort of people are they? I have never heard anything like it and am horrified. Drunk on a flight to Ibiza ( Ryanair) still being served alcohol. Men throwing beer caps into the air,one landed on a little boy’s face and cut him. Foul language used in front of young children and ladies. Horrible.
A young air hostess told my husband a horror story about one of her first flights, they were flying to Ibiza and the ‘plane was full of “hens” and “stags”.
Towards the end of the flight, one young woman was so drunk that she could not walk to the toilet, her friend helped her to pull her pants and jeans down and she urinated on to her seat. Ghastly but true.
Honestly, if everyone stood up to anti social behaviour then life could possibly continue the way it used to. We were no angels in our youth but we seemed to know when to draw the line.
Ryanair are right to demand that alcohol is not sold until 10am and they should certainly refuse to carry anyone who seems inebriated. Low cost airlines should not mean low standard airlines. We deserve better.
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