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By sealord
the rubber trim around the windows on our car is going from black to grey and the car is only 3 years old, is there anything like Back to Black here in Spain. ?
By Newmaney
You will be fighting a losing battle on this one because of the sun. The headlights of the car will also go hazy if the car is parked in the sun. For the trim you could try "Garley" which is in the chinese shops (3 Euros for 600ml spray can), but you will never get the trim back to it's original colour for long before you need apply "Garley" again.
By longjohn
My friend got a similar product from Recambois David Calle Apolo in Torrevieja.
It made her black bumpers look like new. (Be warned, wear gloves when using it)
By jimny1
Also the JML store at la zenia does some car cleaning products , im sure i saw a rubber reconditioning paste there once
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