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By Info
Longjohn I have included the bit about the correct way to pay over monies for your purchase as it is very important.

By longjohn
Sorry if I repeated something that had already been stated. I was just trying to warn others about the possible pitfalls I suffered in my personal experience of property purchase.
By Info
Longjohn I hadn't included it until I saw your post. Thanks for reminding us as how you hand over payment is one of the most important things to be aware of when purchasing.

By Kinchy
Most Estate Agents will do almost anything to get their money as well as say anything.
We were told by the male partner of an Agent, that when she took perspective clients on viewings, when she was asked a question she could not answer " well she just blagged it"
Basically she lied - be very wary of agents! :oops:
Also if selling ask the Agents how many other Agents they "co-operate" with. Some friends are selling their property near La Fuente and they have had three - yes three other agencies ringing up to arrange viewings. One might say the more the merrier perhaps, but the selling price quoted to the potential buyer was on every occasion higher than the original agreed sales price. Just pure greed!
By longjohn
When I was looking for a property in Torrevieja I was shown the same villa by 2 different agents and there was a huge difference in their prices. That put me on my guard. I started doing what I called drive-bys and luckily saw a UK reg' car outside the same property. So I cold-called.
When I told the owner what price the agent was asking he was furious and said "no wonder it hasn't sold" They put €50000 on top of what the owner wanted.
Since 2001 I have purchased 3 properties in Spain and I have only ever put down €3000 deposit. A friend of mine went to an agent not too far from here and was asked for €10000 deposit and they wanted him to give them power of attorney. WOW! Some people get sucked in and the agent is laughing all the way to the bank even if the sale doesn't go through.
I'm not saying all agents are bad but a lot of them in Spain are charging far too much for their services.
By Kinchy
The key word there is "services" - so very sadly lacking in so many of what I would only label sharks.
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By bladesboy1
We also went to see property with different Agents and saw one property twice with different agents and two different prices :?
By Kinchy
So, let us be clear (shades of political speak lol\), many estate agents could not give one flying fig about the seller or vendor. I did some work for an agent based in an area mentioned here and frankly I could not continue to allow my morality to be compromised by their greedy actions and dubious practices.
I could name the Agents I have spoken of and maybe will - they might try to pursue me in Court for libel, but that would be most welcomed.
If you are an Agent based in Villamartin Plaza or La Rioja, then you know it is you that I speak about.
SO, please challenge me to name you if you wish - Christian names beginning with N (Villamartin) and A (La Rioja).

The Agent in Villamartin states that "we have been working in this area for 15 years" - really?
How come that the so called co-owner only came to live in Spain well before the so promoted 15 years or is that the same Math as Diane Abbott lol
The Agent in Villamartin states having been in business for 15 years, why then has this Agent not accurately posted on its web page as having started in February 2017 ?
This person was offering teeth whitening in 2013 in the UK on Facebook, so it is most strange and rather dubious as to the actual credibility of this "Estate Agent"
By freddo
Location wise I am not in Torrevieja but I do sell property there and most of the Costa Blanca and have done for over 40 years although I am now semi-retired I still am involved
By longjohn
bladesboy1 wrote:
Sun Nov 24, 2019 3:29 pm
Can Anyone on here recommend an Estate Agent in the Torrevieja? :)
Sorry no, I wish I could but in my experience of property purchase in Spain the agents are as already said are sharks, so it is buyer beware.
By Info
The only way to protect both buyer and seller from having to second guess the estate agent jargon is to have a public residential property price register. It is one area that you would have thought the EU would have introduced a common EU-wide regulation for the protection of consumers in all EU states.

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By bladesboy1
Yes Thanks. We will be back out after Christmas to look again . We now have Lawyers In Spain to check for the debt on any property we look at. As I said the properties were at a good price but the debt was more than the house was worth. :?

You Have proved you are an Idiot. :)

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