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By cameron
Depends what you are looking for, I have an Avalon policy which I paid cash for many years ago which means I got it cheaper than anyone buying today. My partner at the age of 65 used Rocamar where he pays 22 euros a month and was covered after the first payment but the payments are for life. You can of course go to the Tanatorio and arrange it yourself which I am told is much cheaper. It depends on age and finances as to which would be better for you.
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By Andy F
I've had to use Avalon twice recently (both parents) and each time the experience has been as efficient and pain free as possible. Arrangements were made for the unfortunate event happening either in Spain or UK, with funeral directors named in both countries. In each case all it took was a single phone call and it was like a well oiled machine. Everything just worked.
Obviously they weren't pleasant experiences but like I said, it was as pain and hassle free as it could possibly have been. It didn't ease the grief at all but it certainly helped by minimising my actually having to do things when all I wanted to do was basically curl up in a corner and cry.
I can't comment on the costs because my parents had already paid for their plans but as far as service is concerned, I'd recommend them to anyone.
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