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By Beardyboy
Listening to the radio here in Northern Ireland, thought Brexit was finally all sorted! Now we hear that everything coming from mainland U.K. into N.I. will be charged extra at customs so, if I order something from Amazon, I will be charged extra. This is preposterous, unimaginable. Money is money and the idea of paying extra for goods bought in England, Scotland or Wales is painful.
We ordered a new car which arrived by transporter last Thursday from U.K. much extra would it have cost if we had bought it in November? Oh my goodness, this will be a positive nightmare for everyone.

If the EU had given David Cameron what he had asked for over 3 years ago, we would never have had to go through this nightmare. Such a massive waste of tax payers money and such a painful journey for all of us.
I think whoever told you that may have got it wrong.
The Irish Times says:
In broad terms, it would work as follows: no customs duties would be paid on goods going into Northern Ireland from another part of the UK “unless that good is at risk of subsequently being moved” into the EU.
That means you won't pay any tariffs, extra duties or any extras unless the goods are going south.

The new Johnson deal (pretty much the same as the May deal) just means goods will be checked but will not attract any duties if the final destination is NI. Just items going from UK to NI and then on to ROI will be subject to duties.

The controversial bit is that items to NI will have to be checked in UK to make sure the final destination is NI but if you order something from it won't mean you have to pay extra on it.
And you wouldn't pay any extra on the car from UK as UK VAT and duty has already been paid unless you were selling it on to someone in the ROI.
By Beardyboy
That is wonderful news, thank you for telling me.
The man on the radio must have got the wrong end of the stick. I was amazed when I heard about the customs duty but relieved now that it is only for goods in the Rep.of Ireland .
Hallelujah! Relief.
And the only bit that's really changed from May's deal and Bojo's deal is that items will be custom checked before leaving UK and putting the so-called border down the middle of the Irish Sea.
Under May's proposal customs checks would have had to be set up on the border between NI and ROI.
By Info
Strolling_minstrel I don't know if I have misunderstood your bit about Thresa May's deal but her deal kept the whole of the UK in the EU customs Union so there would have been no border on the island of Ireland. The proposed new deal keeps only Northern Ireland in the EU Customs Union.

By Info
It appears you heard right Rosemary as the cost of the paperwork will add to anything coming from the mainland into Northern Ireland. As always the devil will be in the detail.

According to the 'Belfast Telegraph', "firms could face having to pay costs of between £15 and £56 [€17 and €65] - or possibly more - for each declaration of goods moving from GB to Northern Ireland".

By Adey
The problem with that is, how do you prove you are not going to take the goods to Southern Ireland, in law it is very difficult to prove you are not going to do something.
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