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By dave c
hi all.
does anyone know any decent sites for streaming uk football.
i've tried livenet tv and it's just bombarded with ads!
By dave c
thanks freddo, will do.
the problem with livenet is that it freezes and I have to go back out of the stream, delete the ad, then go back. it's happening more and more often during the game and very annoying. Still, it's free! :)
By TVTechnology
I think you have to be quite careful with some of these free streaming sites - as many are riddled with viruses. Click one wrong advert by accident and you may well find this out.

Free is good, up to the point of frustration and timewasting. Depends on your level of patience ;-)

If you don't want to pay for watching the football, why not pop down to one of the local bars, grab a beer (or a coffee) and enjoy for free, without the adverts and black screens. Perhaps not quite free - as you'll still need to pay for a drink though :wink:

By dave c
I'll drink to that Paul!
I do that when in Spain, as I don't have internet, but in Uk I usually look out of the window, see the howling weather, and decide against it!

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