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By Alf Tupper
Hi folks,
Coming over for a week next weekend. Are the mossies still bad following the storms?
By Karen Jones
No most have gone but still use sprays etc. Take antihistamines too if you can. The strong strength jungle formula spray is very good.
By alan p
Hello Alf,
I was getting bit with the mozzies and a friend told me about a repellent called Halleys which I got from our local chemist and I can recommend it. Its about 11 euro's a bottle. Its a spray bottle. Alan.
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By Sheff_Blade
I don't know about Halleys, but the general rule is to go for an anti-mossie spray that contains DEET. The problem is that if you miss one square inch then you will still be bitten, plus the fact that the repellent wears off, so you constantly need to re-apply it.
By alan p
I applied it once a day and not been bit for over a week now. I was also out of the house for more than 6hrs yesterday. Alan.
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By Sheff_Blade
alan p wrote:
Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:49 pm
I applied it once a day and not been bit for over a week now. I was also out of the house for more than 6hrs yesterday. Alan.
After nearly twenty years of visiting Torrevieja and trying everything from sprays, creams, ultrasonic repellent, candles, bracelets, certain foods/drinks etc etc, all I can say is that I have never visited and not been bitten, regardless of the time of year. Halleys may indeed be the Holy Grail for me, though I suspect I have already tried it. I'll check our bathroom cabinet when we're over next!
By alan p
Hello Sheff-Blade Its only the last 8/10 years that I have been getting bit ever since I stopped taking antihistamines for hayfever. I have thought about taking them again but I take that much medication these days. I searched the internet for something that helped with the bites and found that when you got bit put non brewed vinegar on the bite leave it to dry and then put a strip of sellotape streched tight over it and it stops the itching and the bite disappeared the next day. It really does work. My mate is bald and he got bit all over his head did what I had said but forgot to take the sellotape off and went in our local bar with them on. :lol:
By Info
alan p I feel one of those barman jokes coming on. Sorry in advance 😀..... what did the barman say to the bald man with the scotch tape on his head? "Would you like some ice with that sir......."


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