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By zurgno
Need to get balcony with double glazed sliding doors and windows installed in an Apartment

With not to much fuss and blends in with the other ones here

If somebody can recommend a reliable good installer

Thanks in advance
By Info
I can't remember who did ours its so long ago but there is a company near the Torrevieja cemetery out on the N332 called Cesur who manufacture and install windows and doors. They might be worth a look.

By Beardyboy
We used a firm in San Miguel...opposite the Ford Garage. Somebody on this forum recommended them and we found them to be most affordable and efficient.
Have you considered using glass instead of ballastrades? I have seen several places where they changed from concrete ballastrades to glass and it is so much nicer and allows more light onto the balcony.
The company is owned by a spanish man called Manuel and his wife is English which is an enormous help...her name is Holly. We removed our sliding patio windows and had bifold doors put in in their place. It is the best job we have done as it allows the outside to become part of the inside or vice verse. Very affordable too.
By Beardyboy
Yes Bee.
The original owner ( I think) is or has retired and Manuel is doing the work now. Have you used them yourself?
I also had the inner part of our pvc halldoor replaced with toughened glass...utterly brilliant . The downstairs hall was pitch black without turning the light on and now, it is bright and cheerful. ( mirrored outside so nobody can see in)
By Info
No not used them Rosemary but I like the idea of your bifold door as the sliding windows from our balcony have caused many bad falls due to being raised off the floor with no step down as come in from the balcony.

By Beardyboy
This is the best thing apart from the hall door that we have done in years!
Alastair always wanted to change the sliding doors for French doors but that created problems with the security gate and also, deciding whether to open into the room or out. No decision making with the new bifold! They are perfect. I had a quote from a firm in La Marina for pvc bifolds and the price was almost €2500. We went for the aluminium with double glazing and I chose clear glass as the sliding doors were dark tint and made my room dull.
We paid less than €900.
Check them out...your Christmas present to yourself. What more could you ask for!
By Info
Sounds ideal Rosemary. Yes I too had thought about the french doors and like you they would just have created another problem. Price not too bad. It will be a toss up between getting the balcony bars coated,so no more painting, or do the painting for another year and get the bifold door. There is always the Euromillions or El Gordo 😀 Bee

And me.

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