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By chrisz
Thanks Bee for your very informative advice and information. And thanks to the two posters who both recommend PPS, we'll be making contact with them shortly.

This forum is a great place for information, recommendations and advice.
By zurgno
Update I was in touch with Abaco Advisers today they would sort this out getting building permit, also Community fees may increase, and update the deeds, in the case of a Sale of ur property, or if you want to apply for a mortgage the bank will only value the property that appears in the registry,

One thing also when you need your neighbors permission the authorization needs to be granted in the AGM according to certain formalities.

Bit of a bummer if you have to wait till next July
By Info
Were Abaco Solicitors talking about enclosing with glass curtains or going the whole hog with a pvc enclosure? If the community has previously agreed that balconies may be enclosed with a particular design then would a letter of agreement from President/Administrator not suffice rather than waiting for next AGM.

By zurgno
Absolutely Bee if u give permission for one apartment u have to give it for all

Now they are saying that there architect would need to see this in case there seen as major works and that if the works are according to the town hall urban laws ,
Seems to me the more legally u do this the dearer it gets and other people get richer
By Info
Ask them for a breakdown of the costs as the only bit I know the cost of is the minor works application of €96 plus 4% of the cost of the work. You then have the cost of the person who does the technical drawing, who could also be the Architect or a draftsman cost €?? And then the Solicitors fee for lodging the application plus doing the legal work for updating your deeds
€??. It will be interesting to see the final bill.

By Info
Take a long lie down with a large Larios gin and tonic. It will also keep the mosquitos at bay as well as steadying the nerves. I think the Architect wants to see if you are putting a roof on or knocking walls which would put it into the next category of major works rather than minor works. The Planning laws in Valencia Region were changed in 2014 wherby retrospective permission was given if the works were over 4yrs old but now they can go back 15yrs so best to get it done right.


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