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By Bill Posters
I need a car cover more robust than the €14.95 one I purchased from a Chinese store. It did the job but was too flimsy and even in low breezes tore too easily. You get what you pay for so I don’t mind shelling out. Does anyone know where in or near Torrevieja I can purchase a car cover that will outlast its sell by date? Thanks. Bill.
By Info
Try Feu Vert in Carrefour Car Park. They were around €50 a few years ago. Also Serca might have them. They are alongside Aldi at the town side of Avenida Las Cortes Valenciana.
By orangepicker
Forget any where local Trust me I have tried . Log into Amazon es you will get an excellent selection at prices from 30 up to 100 Euros You get what you pay for

Me too.

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