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By hotspur
A friend owns a detached Property on a urbanisation near Villamartin, last October they reported a issue with a broken lock on the water meter box.
The EL Presidente informed them that he would fix the lock.
They left Spain and are planning to return next month until they were informed that their water was cut off due to an unpaid bill for 2,300 Euros.
No one has been in the property since they left it last October.
Anyone with a similar experience, they are at a loss as to what to do.
Are the water company sympathetic to such a situation.
Would welcome any comments.
By wingman
I (and I suspect many others in Torre) have had problems with water bills. My issue was similar but concerned a builders pipe buried under the pavement since circa 1983, but only found in 2015.
AGAMED ( part HYDRAGUA Group) sent a ridiculous bill. I refused to pay and challenged.
A long saga... but some points that emerged that may help your situation.
1. Water companies are all powerful under the laws.
2. They have zero sympathy. You would have to prove in the mercantile courts (Elche) that they were at fault or negligent.
3. They must get a court order to stop the supply. Your friends should have a "reduced pressure" supply if they formally challenge the water company. A formal letter must be entered in the water company registary. And then seek good legal advice.
4. Your lock on the box is of little concern to the water company. They will hold the contract holder / registered owner liable for the water usage past the meter.
5. If there is a legal challenge a court would expect to see a denuncia against the El Presidente for failure to execute the repair of the lock...IF theft of water by access to the meter is the issue and the reason for the large bill.
6. The mercantile judges may only decide that some of the bill is "unfair" and reduce it. But you have to balance up the costs of the legal process. A submission to a procurator for a civil law company case would be about lawyers be absolutely sure you have evidence to win before you start.
PM me if you would like to contact a good company law barrister. He will give sound advice.
By Info
Those who found themselves in similar situations came to an agreement with the water company to pay the bill in stages. Unfortunately unless you can prove a faulty meter once it clocks up on the householders side you are deemed to have used it. If its a detached house would it not be difficult for anyone to steal the water by making a connection other than to use an outdoor tap maybe. Is there a leak that hasn't been located yet somewhere on the property. Judging by the bill it seems quite a large volume of water was used. Has your friend verified the reading on the water meter in case there is a mistake.

By jimny1
If its a leak on your property then you are responsible for the water usage
If the pipe has fractured away from your property but for example still inside the urbanisation then you might be able to claim off the urbs insurance
This happened to a friend of mine in quesada, he had a leak for many months and only realised when he came over from the uk and the water pressure was low
He got a bill for 2,500 euros but luckily the fractured pipe was on the other end of the urb hence he claimed successfully
By ann
Were these people not checking their water bill's regularly? How did it get so high without them knowing.
By jimny1
Thank goodness he got it back off the urb , it is frightening when you know the cost is down to the location of the leak
I always check my water meter periodically to see the wheel is not spinning out of control
By hotspur
A sincere thank you to everyone who have taken time to respond to my query - very much appreciated.
I have forwarded the replies to my friend, hopefully they can get the issue resolved - thank you again.
By hotspur
Sorry should have added to previous post, the owners were checking their quarterly bill - but this increase occurred during one quarter I am informed.
By ann
I always turn off water when not there from inside my house, not at the meter.
By freddo
You should be turning water off at the meter not much good at the house as if you get a leak in the supply to the house from the meter you will be charged

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