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Does anybody travel with their young grandchildren(4yrs to 10yrs) from UK or Ireland to Spain? I just wondered do immigration just accept the children's passports or does the grandparent need a letter showing permission from the parents. The surname of the children is different to the grandparent. I would be grateful for any help. It's not very clear what is acceptable as documentation. Bee
Many thanks cameron that is exactly the information I need. Do you know if it is ok to have the letter of consent signed just by the parents or has it to be stamped by your local police station. It would be handy if there was an official form which covered everything.
cameron wrote:
Sun May 19, 2019 4:11 am
Take a letter of consent from the parents, you may or may not be asked for it. My daughter brings my g/granddaughter to visit but has only been asked once but security has been upgraded recently and better to be prepared.
I can second that. We've taken our grandkids to Spain several times. The first time, our granddaughter was asked who we were when we were boarding! Luckily she knew the answer. The official advised us to always take a letter from the parents.
Since then we've taken a simple letter signed by a parent, our daughter, and have never been questioned.
I have taken underprivileged children to Spain that are unrelated to me but social services made out all the paperwork with their stamps etc. Don't forget it is not just about getting out it is also about getting back in. If you wanted to be 100% sure I expect a copy of the parents passport and all verified by a solicitor etc would suffice. When I arrived in Spain they did not ask for any paperwork having said that. Anyone could write a letter and sign it, copy of parents passports bit more difficult for kidnappers etc.
Yes retire1day it is a good idea to take as many bits of paper as possible to prove relationship just in case. It will be fine coming back as parents will be on the return leg. That in itself might raise eyebrows as the flight going out is going to be a one-way flight as the return leg is already booked on a separate reservation. I will have a copy of the return reservation so that should be sufficient evidence. Bee

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