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By Info
Thank you Ben it is good that people can put a name to your site for peace of mind. I read last week where Torrevieja Ayuntamiento are issuing their certs speedily to those who apply. They confirmed the cost is €54. They also said a first habitation or second habitation cert in the case where a property has changed hands is fine when applying for your licence so no need to go off getting another one. Bee
By ic
Info wrote:
Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:00 pm
I read last week where Torrevieja Ayuntamiento are issuing their certs speedily to those who apply. They confirmed the cost is €54. Bee
How long is it taking for Torre town hall to issue the certs?
By Info
Can I suggest they either send an email to the Councillor in charge at the Ayuntamiento Fanny Serrano or take a trip to the office if they are in Torrevieja and ask them what is the delay. Do the Ayuntamiento know where to contact them If they are short a bit of paperwork for the application? Bee
By ic
Capricorn91 wrote:
Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:52 am
I must apologise sincerely to those who asked the question of who we used, Ive not been on this forum for a bit, anyway the info that you asked for :-

Our solicitor Abaco Asesores did the whole application for us and charge €90, it would have been more if we had wanted a Spanish translation. The name of the lady who did this was Maria Widermann and their office is on Calle Maria Parodi,8, 03181. Email address is

The plaque was a harder mission to accomplish but eventually found a company who organised it and the lady we dealt with was called Ana Barbadora of Spanish Solutions, Calle Flores, 3 Bajo C, La Zenia, Orihuela Costa, 03189. Email address is and telephone number +34 966 761 741. I daresay that they may be able to sort the whole process.

It really wasn't difficult once we found the right people to help and we can rest knowing that we are all legal and above board.
Abaco don't take care of the legal paperwork for this any more, anyone know of any other companies that do it please? It's for my brother-in-law, but he and I are both in the UK.
By freddo
Most applications are being refused by local town halls as room sizes do not conform to what size is required also because the areas where properties are situated is not specified as suitable for tourist rental .
By Info
Did you contact Spanish Solutions to do the paperwork for you? Freddo there are no non-tourist rental areas in Torrevieja. As has been said by the Town Hall, Torrevieja is a seaside tourist town so they need tourist accommodation. They haven't put any special requirements in place so far for tourist accommodation.

By freddo
Bee the requirements are clearly stated in the Decree and 90% of properties are undersized

La Marina Urb are having to try and get the zone reclassified as a tourist accommodation zone , maybe Torrevieja will have to do same
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Again we are all in limbo. :roll:

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