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By chrisz
OK, I know we don't need it at the moment but our pre-installed aircon is beyond its use by date. It needs a re-gas with the nasty gas that has been outlawed for a few years - so in other words we will need a new system for next summer.

Should we go for a completely new system, fitted on a convenient wall or should we go with replacement units (still a new system), using the pre-installed piping and electrics ?

Does anyone have experience of this with some idea of the different costs/pitfalls involved?

By Manc-Mark
When we had a problem with our AC unit they wouldn’t just change the units as they wouldn’t/couldn’t guarantee the existing pipework etc
They did a complete new installation.

Hope that helps

By Info
I don't know the size of your property but we have just a 2 bed flat and we have just one AC indoor unit and one outdoor compressor. If I was doing it again I would definitely go for a multi split compressor unit so that we could have an ac unit in each bedroom and a unit in the livingroom. You can have different size units to suit different size rooms. Bee
By retire1day
I had one unit in lounge and one in main bedroom as the lounge one was not enough to cool entire 2 bed apartment down. I have two compressors. I suppose the advantage with two compressors is that if one goes wrong maybe you still have one working. Also with the compressor for the bedroom you don't have to run pipework too far. I had an extra power supply run near the a/c unit and all looks tidier inside and out.
By Info
We wouldn't have room for 2 compressors so it would have to be one compressor running 2 or 3 AC units. We have our compressor on one of those small utility balcony's which we enclosed with large sliding windows. When running the AC we open the windows so that the compressor has unhindered access to the outside.

By chrisz
We're on Dream Hills 1 with 3 bedrooms and 2 air-con units with 2 of those things that go round outside.

One unit is in our bedroom (the one that needs replacing) but the one in the lounge is still ok. Probably because the one in the bedroom is in use more than the one in the lounge that's why it's gone.

It makes sense from a warranty point of view not to use the existing piping and wiring as all sorts could be lurking inside so I guess we'll have a new one fitted in Spring and see about removing the existing one. We'll have to get a decent electrician to make sure the original electrics are disconnected.

Thanks for the advice, this is a great forum for getting solutions to problems.
By Info
Just so you can sound very knowledgeable the thingy that goes round on the outside is called a compressor😊 Bee
By Capricorn91
We started the process of replacing our 3 units this year and have completed 2. Steve from Summer Breeze was really good, he talked through all of our options and he replaced them using the existing cables and pipes just changed the internal and external units.
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