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By Aylyn
In early March I asked my Doctora at my Clinica if I could apply for one of these due breathing problems. She agreed and we filled in the relative form and had a check up by resident nurse. A week later I had an appointment with a Doctor from Social Security and she agreed it would be put forward but could take some time to be approved. It is now a good 6 months and I want to know is there a contact number to find out how my application is faring ??
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By Aylyn
Continuing the above saga I have now obtained all relevant docs for issuing a permit. However I live in Orihueka Costa and neither the Town Hall or Social Services know where to go. It is now 19 months sine my original application and I do despair at the total lack of speed or knowledge re this subject.
Anyone on here any idea as to hoow I should progress. ??
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By Aylyn
Thank for prompt reply. I did go to Alicante to be examined by medic and then received Certificate of approval. I will now try and contact them though God knows how long this will take.
By aeb38
If you have been sent from Alicante the credit card size
Generalitat Valenciana consellieria de Justicia Benestar Social
Persona AMB Discapacitat
With your name & DNI number giving the grade they have assessed you at
Then at the bottom of the card
Valid Fins A/ Valido Hasta (valid from & valid to) it should say Validez permanence
They should have also sent you a letter confirming you are eligible for Blue Badge then you need to go to your local Town Hall as it is them who issue the Blue Badge.

It took 2 years to get mine & the Town hall had to have their meeting regarding issuing the badge. They should get in touch with you to go & pick it up.
However it is best if you follow it up as you could be waiting longer.

It is valid for 10years.

Good luck.
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