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By trees
My daughter has just informed me that there is only one school bus for Playa Flamenca Instituto and she hasn't got a place. This is crazy, it's going to be so difficult for so many families and we´ve only been told today. Is there anything we can do to protest about this?
By CathM
My 2 said the school are trying to sort it out. If there is no bus by next week I will be on my way to the Town hall, via The Leader newspaper.

By CathM
Spoke to a friend who has been in contact with the town hall. Apparently there are about 30 schools in the Orihuela area with no school buses, IES Playa Flamenca being one of them. It´s down to central government not sending the money to Valencia. Everybody is aware of the problem and if you go into school tomorrow or Wednesday they are signing petitions to get the money paid.

By trees
Ok, good idea...didn't I see in The Leader today that Torrevieja schools have had their buses reinstated.
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By Marina
Nearly all schools in the Valencian region have been effected however in some towns like Pilar de la Horadada the town hall stepped in and stumped up the money to pay for the transport. Not sure if OC town hall will follow suit as they would rather pay a spanish DJ 40,000 EUR for 3 hours 'work' instead!! :x
By CathM
macanna wrote:OC is in the valencian region!!!!!!!! Only buses that have had the required number of requests have been put on. The people that requested buses in July (when the official list started as always) were registered, and that is when the buses were ordered. If you are requesting the bus NOW in september, then there is a good chance there won't be any available, and the people who asked for them in july won't have them either, as not enough people registered when they were supposed to.
I registered my youngest child in June and also requested the bus (she is not on the only bus for IES Playa Flamenca and she was registered on the 1st day!!!!), my eldest child had resits to do so I couldn´t register him till last week. Again I asked for the bus. How am I supposed to register a child for school in June when he has resits in September????? Oh and by the way I DO KNOW Orihuela Costa is in the Valencian region. The money for the school buses comes from central government NOT the regional government. How is the regional/central government supposed to know which children will need the school bus in June when they have resits to do in September so you cannot register them till then???? I know how the school system works over here having done all the form filling for the last 10 years!!!!!!!

One very pissed off mother who is having to run her children to school every morning and find someone to pick them up at 2.10pm as she is at work :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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By Curtains & Blinds
we are having a similar problem in Quesada for Rojales institute it appears there is only 1 bus, we went to one stop yesterday luckily I drove him in the car as when the bus arrived it was full and would not allow him on. He was registered in June as is required.
I am having trouble locating an actual route for the bus as there is nothing on the website and school gave me a list of stops in no particular order. I think tomorrow I will have to drive down and follow the bus to see which way it goes and find a stop at which I know he will get on no problem. Like yourself I work and am not available to collect him in an afternoon.

Such a frustrating system grrrrrrr
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By Marina
I think we are well aware OC is part of the Valencian region which just happens to be one of the most corrupt and worst run in Spain and if you read the spanish papers the number of requests have little to do with it, it is purely another cost-cutting measure! :(
By trees
If the buses were ordered in July, why were the school letting us apply for it until last Wednesday and then telling some of the children, not all, that it was cancelled on Friday.
By CathM
Valencia know how many buses are needed for each school. Not all the buses will be full but most are. Yet another cock up by Valencia.

By frankiefraser
My daughter is at Rojales institute and cannot get a seat on the bus, yesterday the bus drive just shook his head and drove by without stopping! I have telephoned the school everyday to tell them of the problem, I even resorted yesterday to saying that we had no means of getting her to school on a Thurs and Fri to which the reply was "ok I will inform her tutor"! Its terrible somebody has to be responsible!
By wim
Are bus in algorfa is running but only the children that handen in the forms in july are on the bus .
By newinspain
Just been reading about the school buses. I dont have children but wondered, would it not be possible for parents themselves to arrange a bus for their own school. Of course there would be a cost but is there any reason why the buses should be free, especially remembering the financial state Spain is in. I understand schools are facing massive cut backs, including teachers salaries.

Again we are all in limbo. :roll:

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