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By Burrababa
I am not here to impose my views on anybody---I just believe it is in everyone's interest to consider all the evidence and then make a considered judgement.

In this case people have become obsessed on Trump being a bad person and ignore the good that he has done--people are also condescending on his election victory--this says more about people than it does about Trump

People always say that Fake news is Fox news who support Trump----but only people who bother to do a little thinking of their own will discover that Fox were a contributor to Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign

Perhaps they are not as mad right wing as people have been led to believe?

I only mention it to illustrate that givens are not always so !!

I think I have said all I want to on this thread--hopefully nobody has been insulted in the process.
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By TVTechnology
In this case people have become obsessed on Trump being a bad person and ignore the good that he has done
So, what good as he done? I'm struggling a little - as everything currently in the economy is down to legislation which was put in place by Obama & was growing at 4% before Trump came along (and changed nothing) & same for stock market - no legislative changes - he's done an awful lot apparently while in fact doing nothing at all.

Aside from stirring up the negative press & offending most that cross his path - I really do not know what he has done which could be deemed truly positive for the American people? Race relations perhaps :wink:

Perhaps one (the one) Trump supporter could educate me as to what this man has done for people during his presidency or perhaps examples of him helping people or doing acts of kindness - prior to his presidency (not including paying 130k to hookers for services rendered - that does not count as acts of humanitarian generosity :D )

That's the problem I have, he was an utter shit all along - way before he became president he had quite a poor track record - this is why when people say he'll change things -why? What's different - i'd like to know as maybe the Trump supporters know something about him/his history, the rest of us do not? It is Trump and his manipulation of the press, not the other way around - which he would have us believe. POOR LITTLE ME.

So, lets all say nice things about Trump, i'll start the ball rolling. He has stopped funding to abortion clinics as is pro-life and believes he knows better than those having the babies. No wait, i'll have to try again - someone else take a turn please.
By Burrababa
You are the technology guru

You can google as well as anybody else

Not all of it is true no doubt but I am sure you can work that out for yourself although I have to say that anything negative about Trump is automatically God's truth as far as you are concerned -- Good luck
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By TVTechnology
I'll let you into a little secret - he is nice to the Jews as they have some financial muscle and property in New York & there's a Jew in the family, so. He'll be nice to anyone rich, he's not discriminatory in that respect - Russians welcome too. :wink:

There is no GOD, so no GOD's word.

Jeniffer Hudson - PR exercise. Transparent

Mexicans - most of them he employed to build Trump towers, then told them he knew was illegal and would report to immigration & didn't pay them. Reported by a number of workers. Also that story wasn't true - Kid got funding from kickstarter.

Mar Y Largo and his openness/helpfulness to ethnic or people of colour - he was pulled into court on a well-known issue of NOT RENTING TO BLACKS. Also if you had finished reading the article on the page you found, you would also read into it, this is not quite true either. It was down to local regulations.

You still haven't admitted one single proven point that's been mentioned. Trump college and ripping people off for their life savings and paying for very expensive prostitutes, just after your wife has had a baby - you know this is true right? His lawyer has stated the payment was made. Those 2 of 2000 points are enough for most to say, this is not a man to run a country or set a good example.

Today I breathe a sigh of relief and shed a tear at the same time. My missus family live in Florida and the kid was off school (the school) the day the 17 were shot. It's sent a shiver down my spine.

Despite 400 killings in 200 schools since Sandy Hook - this is a real figure. Unbelievable isn't it? After the Las Vegas slaughter - Trump i'll be right on it. No change. Died in congress.

What has also been pointed out, that during all reporting of the shooting at no point in time did any Republican or Trump use the word Gun = Lots of talk of mental health issues (no mention of Trump repealing that law). Clever don't mention guns, another slippery tactic. But it is all about guns and the control the NRA terrorists have over the population.

He did do one thing in his legislative changes, he rolled back an Obama law which was put in place to stop those with certain mental health issues getting guns & also permissions of certain parties to report. Kid shot everyone had mental health issues, reported, multiple police calls to the house, social media hate posts.

No metal detectors in school. Good job. Also good to see the killer wore a Trump Make America Great hat & part of a white supremacist group.

Like so many of his worshippers :D They will turn their back on fact and 999 acts of pure evil and say yes but 'he did kiss a baby' - perhaps, but it doesn't make up for a man who has ripped people off his entire life, been in and out of court since day one.

This is not a man of the people - he has undone gun laws, helped the NRA (huge donations to Trump/republicans) & big pharmacy.
By TVTechnology
take it that you may not be too keen on the guy- :D

Yup, don't think i've ever seen such a misrepresentation of a 'man of the people'. With these things, eventually it will all come out in the wash, you can duck & dive within reason, but eventually if you have done wrong and at this level, it will catch up with you.

Strangely enough, the only thing he does hold 'the best & biggest record of' - is the number of lawsuits & legal actions an incumbent president has ever had. Didn't hear him brag about that one ;-)

Unbelievable that the only way they can stop the gun shootings is for all the American students to walk out in a month or so and not come back until the politicians put lives in front of the NRA - I hope it works for them, as no one in politics can seem to navigate a way around the guns - and not while they are paying off Trump, house speaker Ryan (6 million) and the rest of the upper echelon of the republicans, most of his cabinet - lives not politics, about time Trump delivered, like he needs the NRA's money. 19 Million dollars the NRA paid in advertising to discredit Hillary Clinton - surely this cannot continue - how many lives would benefit from that money in real terms? SCUMBAGS. Terrorists - homegrown NRA supported by you know who.

Again we are all in limbo. :roll:

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