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By beastess
We played a game called Mentiroso with guys from our karate class on a tip to Barcelona last year. Beastlet and myself were trying to teach it to Beast to get the odd word of Spanish into his head but we have forgotten some of the rules. Can anyone help? Basically, all the cards are dealt out between a few players. The aim is to get rid of all your cards. You lay one or more face down calling out its number - dos, whatever. The next person has to lay down more of the same my son thinks, but I seem to remember it could be the next card up or down from that one. THIS IS THE POINT WE NEED CLARIFIED! If you suspect someone is lying you shout "Mentiroso". If they were lying they get all the cards that are on the table, if they weren´t, you get them. It´s quite a funny game to play with friends as a lot of abuse goes on with the Mentiroso bit...
By scoops
sounds like the game "cheat". in cheat you didnt need to follow numbers, you could put down whatever you wanted
By weeeball
Agree with Scoops. If you mean the game cheat, there was no particular pattern to follow. If you have maybe 2 or 3 kings (for example) you say aloud exactly what you are placing on the discard pile upside down. Whether you actually put 3 kings down is entirely up to you. At your own risk!! I would imagine though that with the Spanish title being, Mentiroso, that the rules would be different.
On the subject of card games, had my mum here last week, and we played Canasta. Has been years since I last played but was thoroughly enjoyable, even managed to introduce my 10 year old daughter to the game despite there being so many rules. :)
By beastess
The Spanish seem to be quite into card games. Had a very funy sight last year when my son was invited to join a card game with a Spanish family on one of the Torrevieja beaches. It was one with a little area where you could jump in to deep water. Son got all these middle-aged Spanish ladies jumping off the deck every time they lost.

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