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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By Jane C
The registration date has now been announced for the next Survival Spanish course run by Torrevieja town hall.

Registration will be open at the OARI (Foreign Residents Office) from 9 a.m. Monday 27th March. The course itself, which lasts for 12 weeks, will commence on Tuesday April 18th at 12 midday in the Palacio de Música. The fee continues to be just 20 euros for the whole course.

Priority will be given initially to people who are registered on the padrón of Torrevieja, but people from other areas are invited to apply and will be contacted on a first come first served basis at a later date.

By beastess
Where is the Foreign Residents´Office exactly? I will try and point Beast to this as he is still trying his damnedest not to learn much Spanish - practices his school German plus fragments of Dutch from a past girlfriend instead! The son and I had to physically hold him back from going to a health centre and asking for a "Bruja" to inject his insulin after he misheard the pharmacist saying "aguja". This is getting urgent!

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