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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By vgc
I have been listing to a erman chap talking English trying to teach Spanish..

I have leartn for you blah blah

the above is from cd 1 and i feel confident in leaning it...

is it worth me learing more this way or is it wrong


i go into a cafe and say

teine comar para me
donde purdo fumer

the above is from cd1...crap spelling...but should i carry on to cd2 or goto lessons


By Info
Is this a "tome el pelo" or are you for real VGC. I would burn the tapes if that's what he is teaching you.

By Info
Sorry VGC upon reading my reply I realise I was a bit sharp and I am no authority on learning Spanish. In the end it doesn't matter how you learn your Spanish. Why did you have to make it so complicated on yourself?

Bee :(

Dondé puedo fumar? - where can I smoke ?
Tiene(s) algo de comer? Have you anything to eat?
Qué tiene(s) para comer? What have you to eat?
El menú por favour
Que hay de comer? What is there to eat?
By Jane C
Hi Vince,

It's very hard to tell whether the tapes are right for you or not without hearing you actually say the phrases! I would guess you are a person who learns best from listening, so if that's how it goes in, that's fine.

I suspect the CDs might be Michel Thomas? I'm no fan of his but I do recognise that he helps people feel more confident about speaking.

I wouldn't normally plug my own stuff, but if you are a person who learns well from just listening, I would recommend my CD "I'm Learning Spanish" because it gives you basic phrases in a way you can listen and repeat without going into any explanations.

You can get it on my website or from Bargain Books.

By Info
I dont think it can be Michel Thomas because he is very strict on the structure of the language and learning your verbs and tenses and his English is perfect.

By Info
Double true Jane :) I think he is one of the good next steps for people who have some knowledge of Spanish and want to advance another bit. I had done Linguaphone before him and he gave clarity to a lot of the "stuff" in the Linguaphone course. You certainly need something in front of you to clarify what is being said. I didn't know about you then Jane unfortunately :cry: The old saying "a good beginning(teacher) is half the battle" is certainly true when it comes to learning a language

By archie
Yes a good beginning indeed.I had finished a few cources before listening to Mr Thomas ,and I agree they are not a starting point into the language but they are good.I still listen to one or two in the car now and again.One
advanced cource I bought " Learn in your car Spanish " not to be highly recomended but they got me into how ,ie: reflected verbs work in speech and what to pick up on . Sadly Janes cources were not around at the time when I started too but I am going to buy one of her books that as been talked about when I am over next.Yes I have Spanish letter I am reading at the moment you can listen all you want to but you have to put in the ground work with a pen. archie
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