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By Cinuelica
Jane or anyone else please, can you tell me whether the v, say in Torrevieja, or any other word come to that, is pronounced as a vee or soft bee. Also, is ce ci prounced as an ess sound or a th sound.
Apologies already if this has been aired before.
By mariac
When I watch tv torrevieja they never say torrebbeika,it`s always pronounced TorreVieHa soft H Our teacher in school who is from here says that the ssssssssssssss sound id very prevalent in Torrevieja not so further south
Hope this helps
By Jane C
The letters B and V are both pronounced the same in standard Castilian Spanish, as a soft B. This can be distorted slightly depending on the sounds that come before or after. For some reason it's the one sound that English speakers focus on, and yet it's not vital to understanding. Also different ears hear different things.

To give an example, at the first survival Spanish class I taught VIVO EN, and as usual loads of people asked me afterwards about the pronunciation of the V and B, including one person who said "I noticed you pronounced it as a B and the next person who said "I noticed that you pronounced it like V" !!!!

The sound is made with the lips closing or almost closing, but without the little "explosion" made by the English B, which is caused by the pressure of the lips and expulsion of air.

Regarding "ce" and "ci", this is like the English "th" in standard pronunciation in Spain. It is pronounced like an "s" in South American Spanish, Andalucia and also in a local accent in Torrevieja.

Remember that there are a lot of South Americans living in Torrevieja, as well as people from all over Spain, so a lot of the Spanish you hear will not be standard.

By Maria B
Yes my daughter's name is Rocio and the Andalucians and South Americans say the c like an s, whereas we pronounce it as a 'th'...probably the most authentic is the 's', but nobody calls her that generally.
I also agree that people get too hung up on THE v/b debate. As long as you get understood....!
By Cinuelica
Thanks ladies.
By vikingette
I quizzed a friend of mine from Mexico City on pronounceations.....she says that in South America, Spanish is spoken as its written/spelt, she said the Spanish people are terribly lazy with their language!! :shock:
By Jane C
Yes, I can definitely confirm that South Americans think that the Spanish are a sloppy lot all together, and especially with their use of language. South American Spanish has retained more old-fashioned and formal uses of the language which European Spaniards have dropped.

By archie
I remember practicing how to say LA VERDA ! to perfection ,with a soft b,so I could buy my Spanish newspaper of choice in Spanish .Imagine my surprise ,when I tried this out in a little newsagents in town ,where the newspapers were noot to hand ,They did no understand me ,When I pronounced it as a v They did.! I think the problems arise more with g,h,and j depending on where they are found in a word.It seems to be the spitting bit I can not get right. archie
By Info
people should forget about the v and the b. Practising the rolling of the 'r' in Torrevieja is much more important as the Spanish love their rs. When pronouncing Torrevieja it is much more important to thrill the r's - so say 'thrill' first to get your tongue into gear and then try your r's

By archie
Hi Info,
It is a good tip ,I learnt Italian in the 80s and there is more rrrrrr,s in the Italian language than you can shake a stick at, I agree with what you say about Torrevieja ,I have noticed the rolling or shrill as you say. Good stuff though I enjoy learning .My Italian did get in the way at first , but it seems to have gone into the background now. archie
By newcomer
My husband hasn't got a hope in hell of learning spanish - he can't say thrill or three - three = free!!!!
By archie
,, Buy him a penny whistle ! Sorry just a joke , That is a problem but try anyway ,that is the main thing. archie
By rose
:lol: Thrrrrrrrrrrill it works !!! I'm driving my family mad. Do you have any advice about g h j. :lol: :lol:
By Info
well Rose you just don't pronounce the 'h' its always silent so that's easy :) I think it was from Jane I learned the 'trill' one for the r and rr on her website under 'Spanish Teaching on Radio' I love listening to them.

By beastess
My son was absolutely unable to roll an r when he came to Spain. I had tried for months to get him to before coming out but it always came out like a w. He now has an accent so perfect many Spanish people believe he is either Spanish or was born here. His first teacher, Loren, got all the English kids rolling rs by getting them to pretend they were motos - motorbikes. One rev of the hands for a single r and two for the rr. Worked like magic with little boys.[/quote]

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