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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By beastess
It´s quite amusing if you hear a Spanish person talking in Spanish to an English person they know doesn´t understand a word. There was an English lady in the butcher´s in Lidl who was being very fussy about what piece of meat she wanted. She made the poor guy behind the counter move about 8 pieces around before she got the one she wanted. He started to mutter in Spanish words to the effect: "Why don´t you learn the language as you are living in Spain? Even a little!" She just caught on to the end of his complaint and said: "Poco, poco, that´s me!" quite unaware she was being criticised...
By newcomer
It all very well the Spanish saying learn Spanish before you come here, how many spanish go to England speaking perfect English.

SHould we all learn the language of the country we are visiting - it that case we should all speak over 100 languages........... :? :?

It takes time...........
By beastess
Every SPanish person I met in England did speak pretty good English. I think the butcher had a point as the lady concerned didn´t even have enough Spanish to tell him which piece of meat she wanted. She was obviously a resident rather than a holidaymaker by the amount of food she was buying. Yes, it does take time even if you make the effort but many do not even start to do that. I have never heard a Spanish person make such remarks about those of us who try.

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