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By rspltd
Remembering the debate last year and the hilarity of the Spanish when the foreigners omit the accent on 'ano', I am now overcautious as to how to translate the above. There seems to be a variety of ways suggested by text books, on line translators, etc. Navidad feliz, feliz (N)navidad, prospero leading or trailing, etc.
Can someone give the definitive translation please?
By rocio
:D Hi Rspltd!
Yesterday I got a Christmascard from my Spanish neighbors who live in Madrid. They whrote: Feliz Navidad y un Próspero Año Nuevo.

Rocio :D
By rspltd
Thank you - that will do me!

By Jesus
rspltd wrote:Thank you - that will do me!

That's about the only TRADITIONAL way

By rspltd
Thank you for the confirmation, Jesus. You will understand that it can be confusing as I expect the English variations are to you. Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Xmas, Happy Holiday (and all the other PC versions) at least Happy New Year seems to be consistent.
By beastess
I was sent the following by a guy from a society I belong to:

os deseo felices fiestas navieñas y que el año 2006 llegue lleno de felicidad

Is this much more formal?

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