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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By crummy
I am learning Spanish in a college class and I try to speak Spanish when on holiday. Could anyone tell me... is there one eureka moment when you suddenly think "I can Speak Spanish"?... or does it continue to be a hard slog forever?
By Maria B
Does certainly feel harder slog when you are still in the UK, I think. Have you got Sky TV? You can get a good Spanish channel on it with all the main progs like Telediario. Also another channel, 'Euronews', can be set so you hear it in Spanish. They talk so fast on Spanish TV, when you realise you can actually follow bits, there are some Eureka moments! :D Stick with it, it will come, and good luck crummy :wink:
By mariac
I think that when you can make a phone call in Spanish is an Eureka moment
By crummy
I do have Sky but I have not found any Spanish programmes.. please let me know the channel number if poss.

I really want to be able to speak Spanish. I will live there one day and want to do my bit. So I will continue to slog and slog and slog....
By mariac
Have you tried the Michel Thomas tapes we found them great when we started gave us a lot of confidence to speak ,the sexy frenchman is very shy (i´m not)
By Maria B
Hi Crummy I have just looked and it is Sky channel number 822 and it's called TVEi. It shows a selection of Spanish programmes and is very good; there is even a cooking one on in half an hour so you can also brush up on your Spanish cooking :wink:

The other channel, which I don't like quite so much, is called Euronews and it's channel number 528.
To hear it in Spanish, click 'Services' on your Sky remote, then 'System Set Up' on the onscreen menu, then 'Language and Subtitles' on the screen, then under 'favourite language' select Spanish. (It's also got Irish, Scots, Welsh, Punjabi, Hindi, Mandarin etc!)
Anyway Euronews will now have a Spanish commentary. Sometimes it says 'no comment' and there is no commentary I suppose they go for a teabreak :)
By crummy
Hi MariaB... thank you... I have found the channels and altered the language. It all workd just fine... any help I can get is most useful... you are wonderful!!
By beastess
I think learning any language to a decent standard is considerably more difficult than the makers of language cassettes would have us believe. I had learned for about a year before I came to live in Spain and have spent three and a half years here. I would say that I speak Spanish but that my grammar is so bad my 9-year-old son has to correct it. My accent is beyond correction he says. I see a look of horror every time I start speaking to a Spanish person but gradually they relax as they realise I know a fair number of words even if the accent is horrible. I think you have dozens of different eureka moments as you learn. When I first came out the first was stopping looking at the till on checkouts because I actually heard the amount I was being asked for correctly. Further down the line taking a couple of karate exams in Spanish proved to me I understand enough of the language to gain knowledge on other subjects in it. A year or more down the line I hope to try a driving test in it. If you live in a largely English area as I do you have to make a positive effort to go out and speak Spanish. I now regret not doing more of that in my first year here. I still have a lot of catching up to do. One of these days I will speak really good Spanish - however many years it takes.
By archie
guaphone Hi crummy,
If you are feeling frustrated you are half way there.I have the same problem you have being , a non resident,I can read Spanish very well now.But the living language is another matter, I need the practice in Spain .catch 22.
I agree with what beastess said about a strong accent ,mine is a strong northern accent but it does not put me off speaking in Spanish nor did it in Italian.The thing is to get on with it and learn from your mistakes. eg; I like to read the La Verdad newspaper when I am in Spain and from the web when I am in the UK , When I first pronounced "Verdad "with a soft "B"the locals did not understand me as a "V" they understood me fine and told me it was "correcto"
First Telephone call ! a eureka moment indeed.a lot of different spanish dialects in and around Torrevieja.
tvei,very good I like to watch the news bulletins too 822 on sky
linguaphone daily sevices might interest you also for free try and type in torrevieja, plenty to read.
good luck
By Maria B
A pleasure crummy :)
By Maria B
A year or more down the line I hope to try a driving test in it.
This is actually easier than I thought it would be. Wasted my time translating the whole Highway Code (thicker than ours!) when all that was really needed was to work through plenty of past papers at the driving school - there is a lot of repetition...passed my theory first time. Now that was definitely a Eureka moment :)
By Steve
Guys, you think Spanish is difficult? Think again.

I am trying to get my head around Thai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I speak, read, understand 7 languages with varying degrees of proficiency but Thai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was the moment he mentioned the FIFTEEN BASIC vowels that I felt my stomach cramp. The 44 consonants (English 21) seemed like the icing on the cake!!

Quote: "The Thai alphabet uses forty-four consonants and fifteen basic vowel characters. These are horizontally placed, left to right, with no intervening space, to form syllables, words, and sentences. Vowels are written above, below, before, or after the consonant they modify, although the consonant always sounds first when the syllable is spoken." Easy so far, eh?

Well, "The vowel characters (and a few consonants) can be combined in various ways to produce numerous compound vowels (dipthongs and tripthongs)."

So if you don't hear from me for a few days you know what I am doing. One of the consonants sounds like an anal discharge and another is imitated by practising projectile vomit. I think that's the word for an egg or it might be an island. I'll let you know in about 25 years at this rate.

Just remember the first rule practicar, practicar,practicar which in Thai is something like ยพฟแรแฟพ ยพฟแรแฟพ ยพฟแรแฟพ :D Simple, eh!
By rspltd
Thanks for the tip Archie re -very useful. I find it easier to understand a Spanish if it's about something I have some knowledge of. FOr those who live on the Orihuela Costa, this article is both good practice at comprehension but also quite enlightening. ... 639968.htm
By beastess
I find it easier to understand a Spanish if it's about something I have some knowledge of.
I buy loads of history magazines in Spanish. I have always been interested in history, so reading about something I know already is no pain at all. Many of these mags come with free DVDs or books also.
By archie
rspltd, also thanks I have bookmarked that link .I understand what you are saying.
I always look at the ,at the El Periodico , from the to see what is going on in Torrevieja .A lot of people on the forum seem to gripe all the time ,but a lot of good things are happening.
BEASTESS ,without living out there full time my daily fix of living spanish are the tvei news broadcasts on sky ,I try to catch one or two a day,When I am out in Spain I tend to read anything I can get my hands on . ARCHIE

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