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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By Len
We have for sale, 15 Open Sesame books in Spanish. Having a half Spanish/English grandchild, these were invaluable, not only in learning, but in having something to make and do together. They helped our Spanish as well as his English. Don't miss them only 20 Euros.
By CathM
I am interested in buying these, can we arrange to meet somewhere to exchange money for books? The best time for me and probably you is at Casa Ventura on Saturday Morning whilst my daughter is at ballet. I will be there from 10am till 11am if this is ok with you.

By Len
Will stand at gate at !0.00 precisely, with pile of books in hands- hope you can find me. regards Len
By CathM
No probs Len. The only thing is it's usually a boot sale at Casa Ventura this Saturday (1st Sat in month!) so it will be probably be better to meet you inside. See you on Saturday


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