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This section is for those that are learning the Spanish language.

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By mariac
Jane one for you ,I´ve just had my beautiful grandson Paddy over for two weeks ,my neighbours kept calling him la nene ,donde es la Nene or que Nene bonito they knew he was a boy No doubt about it !!!!!!
so why did they use the feminine
By Maria B
It's masculine
By mariac
Thanks for that ,another when you are greeting a child How do yuo say things like Hello Pet ,Hello Chickhen,hiya cutie, I usually say Hola Guapo,Hola Cielo, are there more ?(We have loads of kids in our street) Besos Maria
By Jane C
Sounds quite enough to me! I've always called children by their names, and having taught Spanish kids for years, it's sometimes as much as I can do to say "Hola" :? Now I get them walking in and out of my house without so much as a by your leave. Sorry to be cynical - I'm English!!

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