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By beastess
Jane or Jesus - my son and I are heavily into mineral-hunting in Murcia. We also attend mineral fairs at San Vicente del Raspeig now so that we can swap our spoils with other guys (Spanish) who happen to suffer from the same syndrome. We are not quite sure how to describe ourselves as mineralogistas implies more knowledge than we actually have. We know what our stones are called in a couple of languages and are good at finding them but we are definitely not highly knowledgeable or seriously scientific. Any ideas what the equivalent of "rock hound" is in Spanish?
By essexboywithwhitesocks
Perro de la roca?

Sorry its the best I could do
By Jane C
Well I wouldn't have understood rock hound in English until two minutes ago, but now I know what it means ... the word for amateur enthusiast is "aficionado" so I would say "somos aficionados a la mineralogía, pero no somos expertos". That should do it.

By beastess
Thanks. Got some nice goethite for swapping yesterday so I think the other aficionados will be all over us next month...
By Parsifal
´aficionado´ is just as usable in Modern English.
By Jade62
colector mineral
By rose
My daughter is a mineral engineer how would I say that in Spanish.
By Info
Beastess you might like to attend this on Saturday 3rd next. Its the Patron Saint of Miners - St Barbara on the 3rd Dec and the Asturian community in Torrevieja (who appear to have a Centre somewhere in Torrevieja) are holding a special celebration in the Church of the Inmaculada in Torrevieja. It sounds lovely. It starts at 5.00pm and they will have procession to the Church and place a floral wreath. There will be a band of bagpipers and drummers from Villaviciosa in Asturias. (I am not quite clear whether the procession starts at the Centro Asturiano or not)


Urbano Arregui,15
Telef.: 96.6704070

Article from Diario Informacion -

El Centro Asturiano celebra la festividad de la patrona de los mineros

La numerosa colonia asturiana residente en Torrevieja festejará, como ya es tradicional, a Santa Barbara, patrona de los mineros con una serie de actos organizados por el Centro Asturiano de la localidad, que darán comienzo el próximo sábado día 3 y culminarán el jueves 8.

Los asturianos participarán el día 3 en la ofrenda floral a la patrona de Torrevieja, la Inmaculada Concepción, acto que dará comienzo a las cinco de la tarde, desfilando acompañados de la música de gaitas y tambores de Villaviciosa.

Posteriormente, a las ocho de la tarde será el alcalde de dicho municipio del principado, Asencio Martínez Cobian, quien pronuncie en el Centro Asturiano el pregón de estas fiestas, en la que intervendrán grupos de gaitas.
By Info
Rose I guess she would be una "Ingeniera de Mineral"
If it was a man it would be un "Ingeniero de Mineral"

By Jane C
The Asturian centre is opposite the Acequion Health Centre.

If the pipe band has travelled all the way down from Villaviciosa, which it looks like, they will be magnificent (if you're into that sort of thing, which I am).

By rose
Thank you :lol:

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