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By Bill Posters
I can’t say I regret department stores closing; M&S announced a further 17 closures today. There was a positive side to them but they (and the supra-national supermarkets) have destroyed the livelihoods of millions, decimated high streets, and they have not made communities more prosperous.

We did need to pick up something in Primark (La Zenia) in the run-up to Christmas. It was like a slave camp selling containers emptied clothing from the Far East, with demotivated robotic staff on low salaries. Glad they are not my kids. When we got to the tills the queues were out in the aisles. Of about 20 tills only 4 were open. The poor kids, they never get a break.

My early made New Year’s resolution was to favour small traders wherever practical. I felt great afterwards. The family owned and run businesses were more helpful and appreciative. They loved offering their service, local products and in return I had helped to support locals rather than Far Eastern and EU corporations. A great experience that changed my life.
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