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By Burrababa
saint or sinner :D

Furious passengers blasted Ryanair for slapping them with £55 fines for not being able to check-in online after its website crashed.

Travellers were left fuming when they could not access the budget airline's site for hours last night.

They were unable to book flights and complained that they had been handed late penalties for not checking-in in advance.

One user @TotallydubbedHD said he was handed a bill for an extra £110 for late check-ins on two £46 return flights. :oops: :oops:
By jimny1
Got back from a break in iceland last week and norwegian air were ok going, never questioned our luggage weight being slightly over , we had underestimated the weight ,but did coming back and we had to shuffle the contents around into the hand luggage
The only problem we incurred was the baggage handlers damaged my large hard shelled tripp suitcase and left it with a large crack on the top surface
I put a claim in for the damage at alicante airport and got an e mail from norwegian that they could not repair the case or give me the full value of the case unless i had the receipt from when i bought it
As the case is about 4 years old and bought in the uk i havent got it so they deducted 10% per year as well as another 10% for estimating the value , 50 per cent in all
So instead of the 100 pounds i paid for it i should be getting back 50, which might get me a replacement case off amazon , probably not as good quality as the original , but at least its something
So the moral of the story is keep your receipts for any cases you buy, you will need them if you ever claim off an airline
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