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By keats
Hi if I bring my own car to Spain is there any import tax to pay? I want to transfer it to Spanish registration, approximately what would be the cost?
By keats
Hi Freddo
I am not a resident, just visit my holiday home about 18 weeks of the year.
Would it be different for me?
By strolling_minstrel
You can register a UK car if you are a non resident.
Along with the registration fees, of about €200 to include the registration documents and registration tax, you will also have to ensure it is up to Spanish specs. Lights dipping the right way, fog lights on the correct side, tyres and wheels of the correct type and size etc, there will also be an import tax.
This is (or was and I may be a couple of years out of date) based on the value of the car at the time of registration and the CO2 levels.

Under 120g no tax
121 to 159g 4.75%
160 to 200g 9.75%
over 200g 14.75%

So you need to work out how much you will have to pay.
On top of all that, you need an initial ITV regardless of how old the car is, number plates.

If everything is OK and you just have to change the headlights plus the car is in the average 121 to 159g with a car that's not too expensive then the cost would be around the 7 to 800 euro mark. If you use a gestor or agent to do it all for you then you can add 100 to 150 euro on top of that.

But the main thing is that you can register a car as a non resident.
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