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By Karen Jones
How much would the following car cost.
Renault Clio, 2001, 1200 engine. 106,000 'm, good condition.
By Info
Karen are you buying it or selling it. I find on car searches that areas where expats are like Alicante, Murcia or Costa del Sol prices for cars are very high. Whereas if you search in other areas like Madrid or Barcelona they are much more affordable. Here's a for instance ... D6617F286/#_
By Karen Jones
Not buying at the moment. To be honest I would prefer a right hand drive on Spanish plates which is what we have now.
By Info
Karen keeping your right-hand drive car as a preference seems to be going against the usual advice. I would be interested to know why you prefer your right-hand drive in a left-hand drive world. Do you not find it a bit awkward?

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By Andy F
Karen Jones wrote:
Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:32 am
How much would the following car cost.
Renault Clio, 2001, 1200 engine. 106,000 'm, good condition.
Somebody selling one like this then?

Not red is it by any chance?
By Karen Jones
I saw the car in a garage forecourt. I don't understand your remark?
My husband nearly always drives. When he drives a left hand drive car I feel like I am in the gutter. I can drive both right and left hand cars no problems.
By Info
Thanks Karen. Why don't you sit behind the driver. Then you will be well out of the ditch.😀

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By Andy F
Karen Jones wrote:
Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:58 am
I saw the car in a garage forecourt. I don't understand your remark?.....
Just curious. I've just offloaded a red one same spec, age and mileage for nothing. Just wondering if someone's making a fast buck out there that's all.
By freddo
Andy I hope you transferred ownership otherwise any fines will be down to you
By Karen Jones
It's on a piece of waste land next to the Nissan garage , los montesinos.
By TVTechnology
It's actually dangerous to drive with the wheel on the opposite side.

You cannot see clearly when overtaking, or when approaching bends - or not as clearly as if you were sitting on the other side of the car - there's a reason for this.

Parking also not as easy.

Yes, you can adapt of course & get used to it - but you end up making your own life difficult and less safe, junctions/roundabouts/overtaking, visibility will be affected.

I suspect this is more about people familiar with their cars or right-hand drive, than the practicalities/safety of having a steering wheel on the wrong side. I drove a few LHD American cars in the UK - and personally I did notice an issue with visibility and safety. Yes, I managed, but not as well as having a steering wheel on the correct side.

I would also assume that insurance would cost you a little more.
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