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By harrodene
After all these raids in Europe last week to shut down Xtreme panels does this mean the end of IPTV via dodgey android boxes and Amazon firesticks?
I know I lost all my TV channels and i know my neighbour who is with smart TV has been quoted 50€ extra to get reconnected €€€€€€.
Just wonder if anybody else been affected?
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By cyclemad
We use a subscription service (80€ every 90 days) for our IPTV and we have service as normal. All the sports, all the films, all the box sets etc. Very good value and no messing about.
By Conrad
A lot of it will depend on how some of the operators get round it some are using the xstream codes control panel from 6 years ago and its playing havoc some have gone to a separate control panel software that they control and not like xstream where they didn't.

More of an issue is where the streams came from and they have to catch up with all the changes as well.

If your provider didn't use xstream control panel software then ther will more than likely not be ab issue
By TVTechnology
Press releases designed for fodder to unnerve and dissuade the general public from IPTV.

The enforcement services (read not raids) HACKED the xstreme panel encoders, which affected somewhere in the region of a couple of hundred companies.

What is interesting, depending on what you read this has affected somewhere between 700,000 users and 50 million (oh come on).

This, of course, can be remedied quite easily, by (for example) reducing footballers wages from 500,000k a week to 50k (apparently you can just about survive on 50k a week :wink: ) thus in line reducing the overall/subscription costs 90%, making legitimate sports available to all, at a reasonable cost & eliminating any form of potential piracy, as all can afford a reasonable cost, so no need. :roll:
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By Sheff_Blade
TVTechnology wrote:
Sun Sep 29, 2019 12:26 am
This, of course, can be remedied quite easily, by (for example) reducing footballers wages from 500,000k a week to 50k
Knowing your love of football, I am assuming this is a flippant comment, but just to put it on record, I completely disagree. Even ignoring the loss of revenue to HMRC, who would you have deciding what people were allowed to earn? In what way would this stop people wanting access to cheaper or free Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky Movies etc? Other than that, very funny. :lol:
By TVTechnology
Me, flippant :lol: Perhaps.

As for the loss of revenue to the HRMC, do you think these people pay tax or much of! No, at that level you employ the very best to help you avoid paying much tax.

Now if they paid the tax they really should do, as well as the corporates and those paid millions a year, it would be fair. But, as you are aware, it's not ;-)

I still think there is a fundamental issue, where there is a situation where most people can't actually afford to watch the sport they love. Going back 30? plus years in the UK, you watched your football, your boxing, your rugby and tennis on the terrestrials & only paid for a TV license. Now, if you tried to watch all the sports some like to watch, you would be into subscriptions over a few hundred per month - that's just daft.

Create a void or make something so unaffordable, then there will always be a good chance that someone will come along and plug the hole. :roll: This applies to most things.

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