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By Union man
Yes i would like to keep this forum open and continue with the great work which has been done , i would also hope the moderator or owner would be willing to transfer this over. I dont see the point of starting a new forum. As this one is established and very well run. So i throw my hat into the ring and await the response. Just for the record we have managed and run a forum for many years. But we closed our forum some 12 months ago due to the change in buisness needs. We did have a very good hosting company. I must say we did have to move the hosting due to the impressive and success in a short time , and also i would like to now managed a complexity different type of forum but most of i would need your expertise and make it a successful as its been so that’s my offer. Thanks.
I didn't realise it was closing?

I'm sure it would be sold at the right price - but suspect it's not worth a great deal nowdays, as traffic and posts low - so won't get a fortune back in advertising as advertisers like to see more traffic.

If just for a hobby for local community - then fine, for a venture which involves spending money, I wouldn't put it under 'an investment' umbrella. Reason why forums such as this have changed in the last few years, is Facebook. Most use local facebook groups, which seem to be heavier populated now.
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By Union man
Yes the above is correct. We would just like to keep it running we have asked but we haven’t heard back from the owner of the forum. We are not interested in buying the forum so can we make that clear. We would like to continue this as it his and would probably continue the Hosting even considering a new host. So. That’s where we are. At present. It’s not hard to set up a new forum , domains are not expensive and like you say facebook is probably the future but many people are not keen on that type of social media but it would be a shame to close this forum so we just wait now
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By Union man
Jimbo1916 wrote:
Fri Sep 27, 2019 2:53 pm
I think you will find that as in the past Gary would like to sell it and wash his hands of it.

Yes he has been an excellent owner and admin.
yes we understand this. but unfortunately forums dont really generate much income. so we not in the position to pay for a forum. but we are willing to keep it running for the members and continue the Hosting. as we said we can start a new forum for a little cost. and purchase a domain. but we are willing to at least talk. so not much more we can do.
By Adey
Jimbo1916 wrote:
Sun Oct 06, 2019 11:15 am
He`s made his mind up and that`s it.

" Hi
Just to let you all know that this site will definitely close around xmas time when the
hosting fees are due."
All you have quoted jimbo is what Gary put in his initial notification on the site, that was before Union man showed an interest in keeping it up and running, so who is to say that Gary can't change his mind and maybe pass it on to someone else, certainly not you jimbo, in fact you are one of the main reasons people don't use the site these days, you seem to think you have to stick your nose into everything.
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