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By Info
I hope you get sorted retire1day. It is very frustrating when someone ignores a problem which is clearly affecting their neighbour. It certainly isn't in the spirit of peaceful occupation and respect for their neighbours. The record rains which fell last week have highlighted any defects in structures. Have you brought it to the attention of the AGM?

By Yellowbird
retire1day wrote:
Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:13 pm
Nightmare neighbour above who won't maintain his property has water come down inside my place again. Maybe he reads this but I have informed him that I have reported this to the community, I will have someone conduct a report to show he us at fault, if the community or the useless pxxxx does not sort it I am willing to spend thousands taking him to court. Gloves are off.
There is an article in today's Costa Blanca News about this type of problem
By freddo
I am looking for the loan of a small boat of sturdy dingy so that I can get to my property in Catral Campo please My house is under 5 feet of water and my cars are not usable due to being under water and waiting for the insurance to assess them for repair
Can anyone help please

By cameron
Freddo don’t do anything that will put you at risk. I have been asking on other forums for you but think everyone is busy. No hurry for you to put a claim in as I expect you know that the deadline has been extended, hope you are safe and staying somewhere dry. xxxx
By freddo
cameron wrote:
Sat Sep 21, 2019 1:08 pm
Freddo don’t do anything that will put you at risk. I have been asking on other forums for you but think everyone is busy. No hurry for you to put a claim in as I expect you know that the deadline has been extended, hope you are safe and staying somewhere dry. xxxx

By Info
I saw this on the Orihuela Activa site on how to make a claim. It is from a firm of Abogados in Orihuela called Anima Legis. ... ndaciones/

For anyone using Chrome browser on their phone and want to read it in English just click on the link and then go to the three dots at the top of your phone and hit translate or here it is.

We have experienced the worst Gota Fria or DANA since records began, suffering personal and material damages. According to the news, SIX PEOPLE have died from this storm, and as far as I know, one of them is from my town (Redován), and another where the office of ANIMA LEGIS (Orihuela) is located.

These facts have moved the entire ANIMA LEGIS team. Moreover, we have suffered the storm personally but without suffering personal or material damages.

As we did in December 2016, we are informing you of the first steps that all those affected by the floods should follow.

For those who have some type of insurance contracted, they can claim from the Insurance Compensation Consortium, for which it would be convenient to take into account the following steps:

The first thing we have to do is look at the insurance policy that we have contracted (be it from home, accidents or life).
The second is to report to our insurance agent or broker, or to the Insurance Company directly.
And thirdly, take pictures of all the damage we are having (leaks, appliances, furniture, cars). In short, we must record in some way what we are going to claim.

For those who do not have any insurance, they must wait until the corresponding aid is approved by the central and regional governments destined to our area as a result of these floods. In this case, we must pay attention to the requirements established by the aid to know what and how to claim. However, it is necessary to prove the damages suffered and the value of the claims. In this case, and in a timely manner, ANIMA LEGIS will report on the existence and content of such aid and what their rights are.

If, for any reason, your agent or your insurance broker, or if the Insurance Company itself, did not respond to your claim, in ANIMA LEGIS we will assist you so that you know your rights and know what you can claim, for which you can request an appointment without any commitment on our contact phone or in our email.

The entire ANIMA LEGIS team has made the decision to provide free advice to anyone who needs to know what, how and where to claim the damages suffered.

Francisco Javier Ferrández Pina
Lawyer Director of ANIMA LEGIS
By Info
To add to the insurance bit above. Those whose homes have been flooded in the affected areas are to go to their local Town Hall for their payment of an immediate €1500 to cover the cost of cooking equipment, bed clothes etc. This will be paid out immediately and then an assessor will visit the properties concerned to pay the balance up to €4500. Which is a pittance really in light of the damage and loss suffered by householders. The larger payouts will be made by Oficinas de Coordinacion Generalitat Postemergencia . These will be set up in Dolores and Ontiyente. There will be an official notice in the BOE and people will have- I think 15 days- to lodge a claim.

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