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By chrisz

Can people recommend some glass curtain installers please and some very broad estimates on costs? Also, any companies that should perhaps be avoided?

Have done a search through the forum but there appears to be nothing after around 2008 about glass curtains.

We're looking to glaze in our porch so that on days like today we can sit and watch the rain come down yet remain dry. Porch is around 11 foot by 8 foot.

Many thanks.
By Info
PPS Glass Curtains are based in Ciudad Quesada and come highly recommended by those who have used them.

What Ayuntamiento do you come under? If Torrevieja you need a Modelo 603 form
A Minor Works App will cost you €96 plus 4% of the cost of the work. You will need photos of the work and a report from a competent technical person to say the work has been carried out to spec.

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PPS are superb. , used them to install ours on our balcony about 4 years ago.
Great service and sensible price, they are not the cheapest but by far the best quality.
If you contact them they will let you know if planning consent is required. Usually if the glass is not fixed and can be removed as in glass curtains then no consent is required.
By Info
I duno freddo. You could say the same thing about a pair of curtains across your balcony. They are not fixed and can be removed. What people did in the past was remove the offending items if there was a technical inspection and replace them the day after. I am sure most buyers would be delighted with glass curtains. The Spanish are very good themselves at getting around red tape.

I should say that officially you do need a minor works licence but as work of this kind is not increasing living space all you need is a technical report and drawing signed by a competent technician and where the property is located. You don't need permission from the community as glass curtains are not deemed to alter the structural or aesthetic profile of the building.

By freddo
Bee you do need permission from the community for glazing in a patio or porch according to Horizontal law also it is classed as increasing your living space so you need a licence and your community fees may be increased
By freddo
faolteam wrote:
Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:44 pm
Hi Fred

Could u explain the procedure and how long it takes to get sorted

Will any of these companies do it for u ?
Any reputable company should apply for the license if they will not then walk away
By chrisz

We're on the Orihuela Costa and it kind of goes against the grain to pay Orihuela City any more money so that they can spend it on the City and not the Costa.

Our Urbanisation are fine with glazing in the porch - AGM approval.

By Info
Freddo I came across an answer to a question from someone who asked the question in Madrid of a firm of administrators. They got a very detailed answer quoting law from cases in both Madrid and Malaga on glass curtain installations. If you put in say pvc doors then that is changing the aesthetic of the facade which is different to putting in a rail top and bottom of your balcony to hang a glass curtain. ... ipo-lumon/

Zurgnon here is a link to Torrevieja Ayuntamiento for Modelo 603. It is officially called a "cortina crystal" ... ndex3.aspx


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